Sick leaves

The car was turning to Reliance when I got a text message.

"Hi Henrik," the message said. It was from Kris. "Can you text me your Yahoo! ID, and Neobie's YM ID as well? Thanks."

So I answered the text message. I gave mine, and promised Neobie's when I get to the office, as I haven't bothered memorizing it yet. It's a given, I thought. Neobie and I are newbies. Well, one of us is less of a newbie than the other.

I finally got off the car, went into the building, and went up the elevator. When I got to the fifteenth floor, I got out, and I got into our office, and I looked as to whoever among the writers were already there. The girls are usually there, as their shift starts at 08.00. I arrived at a little before 08.30. There was nobody there.

I got to my desk, booted up the PC, logged into YM and gave Kris what she was asking for.

"Glenn won't be coming in today due to a family emergency," she explained. "I'll be working from home today, since I'm still sick. If you guys have any concerns, just let me know, okay?"

"All right," I replied. "Actually... ako lang ang nandito today. Neobie and [Valerie] aren't around too."

"Oh no," she replied. "Wawa ka naman..."

I checked my email and noticed that my assignments for today were changed. Neobie and I were supposed to work on nineteen profiles each today, but today I found myself working on ten instead. I was tasked to upload a batch of articles that someone from the other side of the world already wrote.

The first thing I did instead was send Carmel a message.

"Wah," I said. "I'm alone. As in alone."

"Bakit?" she replied ten minutes later.

"Ako lang ang writer sa office," I explained. "None of the other four are. One is sick, another is on emergency leave, and two are unaccounted for."

"Wala si Neobie?" she replied.

"Wala," I said. "Isa siya sa unaccounted."

She merely laughed. "Wait," she said. "Text ko."

I was already flustered by the lack of activity to my right. It's hard if you suddenly don't hear keyboards on one half of your atmosphere, because everybody is literally gone.

"Paano nangyari yan?" Carmel wondered. "Ang weird. Conspiracy."

I proceeded to explain everything, all over again.

Neobie texted back. Well, to Carmel. "Absent ako, nilalagnat," she said. "Online ka ba? Pakisabi naman kay Henrik sabihin sa HR nag-text ako sa kanila na 'di ako papasok dahil sa lagnat. Salamat!"

At least she spelled my name right. And she's still the poetic Neobie that Carmel and I discussed two weeks before.

"Pakisabi kay Neobie, I'll double-check if they got the text," I said. "And tell her that I am the only one in the office."

Carmel merely laughed. "Feeling ko ako HR n'yo," she quipped.

After dealing with Ariane ("well here I'm always the only writer in the building") and Ella ("kaya mo naman yan eh"), I was working on my summary articles. I had my headphones on, and I was listening to Tim Lichfield, and I was typing away, and slowly filled my progress report. I got myself lunch, I got back to work, I chatted in between, I finished later than usual, and I sent my daily email. It's as if nothing really happened.

Well, the only thing that changed was me telling Sam that classic "mag-isa na ako" line two hours earlier, because I was alone for the past ten hours or so.

That, and me sending Carmel another message in the middle of the morning. "Hello, ma'am HR," I joked. "Neobie's text got through." And then we talk about our holidays. We get more than her.

That, and also me sending Kris another message. "I'm leaving na," I said. "Thanks for the help today. You get well soon!"

And then, after I publish this entry, it'll be all the same. I log out, I go down the elevator, I walk back to the parking lot and go inside the car. And perhaps receive the odd text message or two.

So, is it better to be alone and comfortable, than to be surrounded by people and wonder why you're still alone?

And your responses...

Mag-isa ka lng? As in totally?
Yucks haha kawawa ka naman ^_^
And I didn't know you have your own car na >.<
Hindi na me updated again.

Blogger Lizette8/14/2008     

haha. saya maging HR nyo :))

Anonymous Anonymous8/14/2008     

i guess it's both?

Blogger N.8/15/2008     

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