Thunder on surround sound

I still have a pair of headphones on, but I can't help but wonder if a new perspective actually changes the way we perceive things. It definitely isn't the headphones.

I knew it was going to rain, but not this fast, and not that strong. I guess the angels who supposedly cry whenever it rains have had a lot to drink about. Two hours ago, the skies were pretty static, although it was veering towards overcast. An hour ago, it was pitch black, with the darkness only broken by lightning. The window in front of me ceased to have a view. We haven't had power interruptions yet, although the air conditioner's been whining since I went here.

And, on my part at least, the thunder's on surround sound.

I was listening to indie pop when the thunder sounded off. Ohh, sunshiny music about sunsets playing when you suddenly hear that crackle on your right ear. I thought someone mucked with the song, but it can't be. Thunder can't surface on a song about sunsets!

So, it must be thunder on surround sound.

I went to the restroom, although as with every other restroom in the world, nobody actually takes a rest there. I just asked the urinal out for a one-piss stand, and the thunder came by again. This time, it's as if something heavy fell on the sixteenth floor, although not as significant to actually threaten the lives of those at the fifteenth (which is, bluntly, me and the rest of us).

I return to my seat and see that the skies have cleared just a bit. It's evidently wet, sure, and it's evidently slippery, but I can still walk on them without getting wet on the way home. I don't want to be another planet with another (sickly) ecosystem.

Piss-poor attempt at literary whatevernot, yes.

Do I really have to have a say about everything?

I realized a few nights ago that I'm the type of person who, almost always, responds to whatever someone says. I always find this need to speak my mind, even if I haven't really thought about what I'm going to say. Somehow I manage to say it. So what if I think The Incredibles isn't as good as it looks? I was somehow raised, albeit more recently, about the significance of public discourse. It gets people talking, it makes things work out fine, and perhaps it can bring change.

So if I say something like, "I'll just say that thunder from where we are is on surround sound, unlike when we were in a classroom," then maybe it'd work wonders, since I'm giving someone that much-needed perspective on things. Especially if you're a one-track mind.

I doubt if they'll get that, though. They can just peek out the windows and see if the sky has cleared out. And most of my responses don't get responses of their own, too. I end up talking to the wind.

So if you'll end up saying just one thing, will it bring forth the change that you want to see?

And to think all I wanted to say is, the thunder from the fifteenth floor is on surround sound. Doesn't matter. Somebody just left the building.

And your responses...

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