Coping with the conundrum

"Holiday pala bukas," I said.

"Wala nang ulan!" Carmel replied. She seemed lost, only realizing what I said later. "Kayo ang may holiday!"

"Actually before, optional siya," I explained. "Parang, you can go to work or not. Well, for tomorrow's holiday. I planned to go to work."

Carmel, still thinking between two desserts, posted a link on the conversation window. I blindly clicked on it.

"Tapos, biglang kahapon, our boss was like, 'Holiday na. Neobie and Henrik, enjoy the holiday.'"

The page finally loaded on my browser, and I started laughing on the window. It's the best I could do, rather than laugh hysterically in the office.

"Sabi ko sa'yo eh," I said. "It'll be stuck in my head."

"Ang alin?" she replied.

"The photos?" I merely answered.

She let out a pretty huge laugh.

"Seriously," I added. "Siguro kasi hinanap ko siya sa pics. Ikaw, ang daling makita eh!"

"If you can see, the books behind us were very organized," she recalled. "That's because we organized that whole library by ourselves."

"At nasabaw at naging hip-hopper," I retorted.

And your responses...

after Ramadan may pasok na -.-

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