They were five people, huddled around a table for ten, talking boisterously about whatever it is they decide to talk about. Nobody notices Angela coming by, but she didn't really have to make her presence known.

"Angela!" Jessica, the group's mysterious type, exclaimed.

"Jess!" Angela replied.

In an instant everybody turns to Angela, and sees she's brought someone else.

"Buti na lang kasama mo si Martin," Jessica said.

"Boyfriend ko, eh," Angela replied. "Saka, dapat lang nandito siya. Leader of the group!"

"Umupo na nga kayo!" Kyle, the group's big sister, insisted.

Angela and Martin have been away for quite a while, since the couple decided to study elsewhere. They were the only ones that deviated from the group of once rowdy high-schoolers, but it seems time wasn't really an issue.

"Sige na!" the guy beside Kyle said. It's Chuck, the group's overachiever, who seems to have done everything but take the best thesis award.

Angela nods and proceeds to her seat. Martin only flashes a tired grin.

"So," Chuck told Angela, "kamusta ka naman?"

"Ayos lang," she said. "Doing well in school. Konti na lang, ga-graduate na."

"Baka naman mamaya, kung ano-ano na ginagawa ninyo ni Marts," Jules chuckled. He's the joker among the group, and this wasn't an opportunity he'd let pass.

Angela merely grinned, as she turns to her boyfriend, who was already in the middle of sending a text message.

"Sila Jo?" Angela asked.

"Kung ano-ano rin ginagawa," Chuck chuckled. "Nag-CR kasi si Elise. Sinamahan niya."

"Ikaw talaga," Kyle mused. "Kahit kelan ka talaga."

"Oo nga," Annette butted in. "Tutal, hindi ka pa kasi nagkaka-girlfriend. Hanggang tingin ka na lang dun sa... dun sa Vicki na yun!"

Jo and Elise are the group's resident romantics, and have been at it before Angela and Martin even met. Martin was the outsider, but was nevertheless warmly accepted by the group. He's still busy texting.

"Napatagal si Elise," Jo said.

"Restaurant na nga 'to, hindi mall," Jessica answered.

"Sorry naman!" Elise said, her arms still wrapped tightly around Jo. "Natuwa lang ako dun sa decoration sa loob ng cubicle."

"Pati pala yun, napapansin mo," Angela said.

"Eh, it's cute!" Elise insisted.

"Upo na nga kayo," Chuck went.

"Ayan ka na naman," Kyle told him. "Paupo ka na lang ng paupo."

"At least, gentleman," Annette stated.

"Di pa ba kayo o-order?" Chuck told Angela. "Anj? Marts?"

"Teka lang," Angela said. "Kauupo lang namin eh."

"Baka paupuin mo na naman, Chuck," Annette said.

"Anyway, Elise, yung nasa CR," an slightly annoyed Kyle continued. "What about it?"

"Wala lang," she replied. "Ang cute lang."

"Alam mo naman si Elise," Jo said. "Nakukyutan sa lahat." He turns to her, googly-eyed again, as if their constant state of contact wasn't enough.

"Yihee," Annette said. Everybody suddenly went quiet.

"Oo nga naman," Jessica said. "Eh kung ganyan ba naman si Elise, eh." She tried her best not to look at Annette, turning slightly awkwardly at Kyle and Jules.

"Sa akin ka naman nakatingin ngayon," Jules retorted.

"Yihee," Annette went again.

Jessica couldn't contain herself now. "Whatever," she told Annette in an in-your-face manner.

"So," Kyle went again. "Chuck?"

"Uhh... hindi best thesis?" he answered. "Angela?"

"Aba, ewan ko sa inyo," she answered. "Kayo nag-imbita."

"Kamusta na ba kayo ni Martin?" Jessica asked.

"I second that," Jo said, raising his hand.

"Same here," Elise said. "I second that, too."

"Third," Jo said to Elise. Annette attempted to start again, but Jessica gave her a really intense stare.

"Okay naman," Angela replied. "Still... well, obviously going strong." She laughed somewhat nervously, and hoping to get somewhere, turns at Martin. He's still texting.

Martin's been typing in stuff on his mobile. His eyes never left the phone, as if he's been texting people continuously, which is a little awkward to look at, considering he's got his friends around.

"Marts?" Angela said.

Martin turns at Angela, and with his eyes, gestures towards his phone. She looks at the screen, only to see him press the send button.

"Okay naman," Angela said again, a little confused.

"Marts?" Kyle said. "I know you like big audiences, but Mary can't make it, eh. May naka-away na naman 'ata. Pati na rin si Gerry. Saka si Russell."

"Saka this might be the last time," Annette butted in. "Naaalala ko tuloy nung first year..."

"Shut up!" Martin shouted at Annette. He turns to Kyle, somewhat surprise, but still understanding. After all, she's talking to someone who's got a lot of things to think about.

"Ayos lang," he told Kyle. "Definitely... no. Miles better from before."

Now it's Angela who's on her phone. She received a text message, and with every press of the down button, she's more and more surprised. Jules has started joking again, this time at the other couple's expense, and in the loud laughter, Angela turns at Martin.

"I shouldn't have brought you here," she whispered to her boyfriend.

"Oh, thank God!" he whispered back. "Thank God you realized this will never work."

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and yes, ako nga lang ata ang makakaintindi nito. :))

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