Last day sale

"Let's change topic," Ariane said early yesterday morning. "Nakakapunta ka ba sa mga mall?"

"Shangri-la," I answered. "Kapag umuuwi mag-isa." I realized I might've hinted at my supposed problems, but whatever.

"Sosyal," she answered, perhaps forgetting that we went there together at one point in our college lives. Then she went on with her observation. "Ang daming sale!"

Indeed, the pay day weekend sales were in full swing. I was in one of those malls later that day, and it seems everybody had stuff on sale. Almost every shop I passed by had those three words posted on their windows: last day sale. Along with the placards and the (sort of) dumped items marked for clearance are the people, swarming even if they perhaps couldn't buy anything.

I didn't really do much yesterday. I just had a haircut and browsed around the stores I usually frequent, slightly frustrated at the fact that I can't buy anything even if I have money, precisely because I have money. But I guess it's one of those things that we have to live with, because we're no longer working for just our whims alone.

I ended up paying the electricity bill. Well, I was more of an errand, and I didn't have to use my money. It just occurred to me. If I move out of the house, I'll have to pay for everything else.

I don't really intend to move out of the house. I mean, I don't think I ever will, especially if you consider my excuse for a life plan. Perhaps I'll work up the ladder, find myself a job that I can be passionate about, and then start surviving for myself, or something to that extent. Everything's bound to change, however. Who knows? Maybe I'll end up having a family, after all.

I got home, thankfully. I almost thought I wouldn't, especially with the rains that just dropped on us for no particular reason. It's pretty funny because we've been experiencing terribly humid weather the past few days - even my mother was compelled to turn on the air conditioner in unusual times of the day. Suddenly, our front yard's the usual address of the entire subdivision's flood water, and it's going up, and up, and up...

Well, as they say, you've got to save something for a rainy day. And maybe the floods that it gives us, too. That's when you put everything else on hold - even the things you think you out to have. I wonder what happened to those at the mall when the dams in the sky burst.

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