Blame it on somebody else

"I miss my laptop," Jenn said.

"Where's it?" I answered.

"Pinaayos ko eh," she explained. "Sira yung fans at heat sink niya kaya nag-auto shut down parati. I have people pray din na heat sink ang sira and not the logic board. [It] costs around P45,000."

I scoffed at the figure.

"One month na andun sa service center on the 27th," she added. "Parang tanga nga, eh. Ang tagal-tagal. Eh sinabi ko naman na lahat ng problema."

"Ine-enjoy ang bakasyon," I joked.

"Matagal ko na din yun di ginagamit," she said. "Since nag-start mag-shut down..."

"It misses you," I said.

Two minutes later, she decided to sleep. "I'll go ahead na!" she announced. "Matulog ka na din!"

I spent the next thirty minutes racking my brain for a story to tell, and all I did was close my eyes and stimulate sleep. I guess that's how it feels when you've faded into the background. Or when you've stepped on the line. Or when you've flirted with the so-called shield of indifference.

No wonder I haven't had much stories to tell. No wonder I feel so tired.

And your responses...

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