Gloomy day sundae

I didn't really have to force myself to think of things. They just start rushing despite the earphones and the microwaved instant meal. Stop worrying about conversations. Stop worrying about crushes. Stop worrying about allowances. Go grow up now!

And then, in a fit of impulse, I ordered a sundae cone.

It's a chocolate sundae cone. Nothing but creamy chocolate, branded for guaranteed quality. To push the point further, yet another guarantee, this time about the milk's Australian origins. It's fifteen bucks, which was a good way for me to spend my loose change.

I got my sundae and walked out of the store. It's a gloomy day, something that I was very much aware of. I had my jacket on, just in case it rains.

But what the heck. I want ice cream.

So I walked a pretty long stretch back to the office, trying to eat my chocolate sundae. Yum, chocolate sundae. The surprise was in the flavor. It isn't superficial. I can lick all I want and remain googly-eyed for the rest of the afternoon, still slurping whatever was left of the ice cream in my mouth.

It was a pretty big cone, but I continued eating it anyway as I walked. Never mind the dark skies. Never mind the mess.

The cone started dripping at its end, and slowly dark brown drops fell on the wet sidewalk, and on my fingers, and on my jeans.

But I didn't really notice it. I was too busy licking the rest of the ice cream. Later I was too busy biting away the big wafer cone. I was turning a corner when I realized that my jeans are stained. They're not denim, after all. The dripping from the pointy end of the cone persisted.

So I took off the paper that served as the clean handle to the cone, and bit the end off.

Silly me, it started dripping even more.

I walked faster, ate the sundae faster, and before I knew it, I already finished the impulsive dessert before I reached the office. In my haste, I stepped on a big rain puddle that took form in a shallow pothole on the road. My right foot was slightly wet, and my jeans were worse off than the chocolate.

But what the heck. You can't rush growing up.

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You could’ve use the paper to wipe off the stains though.

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