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The supposed inspiration for the latest tactic to waste ten minutes of your time - okay, reading this blog entry, if you still don't get it - was a little exchange between me and Zet on her blog. I'm perfectly aware that the budding photographer is madly in love, and that there's nothing we can do about it, but with that concession comes another person that we sadly lose to the fire. No, it isn't that bad, but...

"Ahhh - or ugh - romance and its dairy content," I typed in.

"Ugh siguro," she replied a day later. "I used to hate cheesiness, but I've turned super cheesy." She had to emphasize the last two words.

But while compiling my thoughts for what would eventually be those ten minutes wasted, I had an encounter with cheese of my own. Well, it's more of skim milk than cheese, and everything is technically all for play, but for a person like me who's (sort of) famously half-desperate, I can't help but be amused.

I've been talking to Korinne occasionally in between work, and during one of those conversations we ended up thinking, at the same time, that we miss each other. A clarification is in order: what else can friends do?

But it's become some running joke. I sent her a birthday greeting through a text message, and when she finally realized I was me - she apparently lost all her contacts - she went, "miss you wanna kiss you!" Quite unexpected, honestly, but it's just playfulness that took one thing and turned it to another.

On one of Majet's blog entries, the thing went into proportions that I myself wouldn't have wanted to see. A discussion about whether people can really drift in space - it's Majet's blog entry, after all - turned into Kor admitting that she imagined me swimming "na parang palaka sa outer space pero hindi umuusad." The final trigger went to Anna - nope, not Mooie, but Patty.

"Yihee, naiimagine ni Kor si Henrik," she typed in. "Ano yan? Selos ako."

"Excuse me," Kor answered back. "Henrik is mine. Wala kang karapatang magselos."

I didn't see that exchange until a couple of hours later, and when that time came I thought of just going along with the ride. Then again, it was impossibly out in the so-called open.

"Aminin mo na kasi," I said.

I just found out today that Kor posted a response to that. "I prefer to love you in silence," she said. In jest, yes, in jest.

Subsequent blog entries have ended up pushing that running joke even further, and while I still found myself laughing at work, hoping that people realize I'm happy without their snobbish presence, I was slowly drifting towards awkward mode. But it is a joke, after all.

"Emotion blood?" I answered to everybody in the room. "Anong kulay nun? Anong hitsura ng blood cell nun? May type ba yun? May nakaka-miss ba sakin?"

"Wala pa akong naco-conceptualize na properties ng emotion blood, eh," Kor answered. And then, non-chalantly, "I miss you every day."

"Get a room!" Anna-slash-Patty answered.

She said the same thing elsewhere, where the joke hasn't come up in a very severe way ("nako, makasalanan akong lola," Kor merely said) and I ended up replying the same thing in both.

"Selos ka lang," I retorted.

Piyar came in and typed in an all-caps laugh. "Hiniritan ka ni Niko!"

So sure, this was a waste of ten minutes of your time. But if anything's been demonstrated by this weird exchange of supposed love (that I'm definitely jinxing with this blog entry), it's that we can all be cheesy without having to be as madly in love as Zet is. Pretty much everybody can drink milk, and everybody can appreciate the dairy product's contents, except perhaps for those with lactose intolerance. But I wasn't born that way, and as much as I look annoyingly bitter over boundaries and three weeks without goodbyes, I can still be cheesy.

And besides, it's just a joke. We're all merely a respite from each other's stories; we all have our mysteries, after all. Beyond that, this was a waste of your ten minutes.

And your responses...

yiie. haha

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