Did that just happen?

Breaking story from this blog: Kris has returned from an eight-day trip to Singapore.

Well, it's not really a shocking thing. We've known that for two weeks now, and as if it needs any reminding, the editorial calendar for this week had nothing for her on Monday, but everything for her on Tuesday. It wasn't much, but at least it brings some sense of normality (Daniel Radcliffe said it isn't "normalcy") to these set of computers at the office. Three people means two people stick together and one stays alone, and you know what I mean.

"How are you guys doing? Anything new?"

"So far, nothing. Just a couple extra articles."

Breaking story from this blog: Kris just gave Niko some chocolates.

It wasn't much, really. Just two bars, one of them the ubiquitous but still adorable Toblerone, making you think if it came from a duty free store at Changi or a duty free store at NAIA. Still, they're chocolates, and nobody can go wrong with chocolates. I think everybody subscribes to that, contributing to its sort-of-clich├ęd status.

I found it a funny gesture, really. Partly because I didn't expect it. Partly because they're chocolates. Partly because I'll be going on a trip to the same small island at the end of the year, and it just raises my possibility of going home with chocolates from, say, Changi. Or, who knows, NAIA. I changed my YM status accordingly.

"Question. So where are you headed next month?"

There's a wide grin, at least an emoticon, and it felt a little surreal, coming from the person who's first among equals.


"Wow. Vacation? Or work?"


Breaking story from this blog: Niko and Kris are talking about something else.

I've had crazy status messages in the twenty weeks I've been employed here. Some of them occur randomly in my head as I go to the office. Some of them are deliberately made to shock, either to reflect my depression, my hopeless romantic tendencies, or my quirkiness, which probably isolated me the most. Well, I've gotten used to talking to people I've talked to for years, and all of a sudden, I'm talking with one of the veterans about vacation packages during the holidays.

Or something. It was a good distraction from having to watch Paris Hilton's My New BFF, if only to attempt to sound smart about such a ditzy show (as I admitted to Jenn later). I had to go to lunch soon, too. I wanted to eat at Sango, if only to try what the Inquirer recommended months ago, which just occurred to me as I typed one of my many articles. Never mind if it took longer than usual to get the burgers ready. I caught up with my news, something that I absolutely missed.


Breaking story from the blog: Kris is actually keeping up with the conversation.

She sent the message fifteen minutes after I left; I read the message forty-five minutes after. I don't really log out of my Live Messenger account, partly because I found it slightly inconvenient, if not unnecessary.

"Yup. Just got from lunch."

"Ah, okay... was gonna ask you if you wanted to have lunch, kaso lang, nakaalis ka na pala. What did you eat?"

Is this frigging serious?

"I was at Sango. Felt like trying out what I saw on the newspaper months ago."

I actually went down to lunch so that I can think of how to write something, well, smart, as I stated. I had everything, but I needed to organize my thoughts, and get some food, too. My stomach was grumbling already, and it disturbed me. Funnily enough, I ended up having an online conversation about food - open-faced burgers, good burgers (that are located at Katipunan, or a terrible walk across the Ortigas Center like what I did last Friday) and pasta.

"May masarap rin diyan na pasta. Malapit lang. Abondanza."

"San Miguel Avenue, right? Haven't tried. It's one of the places I reckon you can't go to without company."

"Yeah, true. We'll try it next time."

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