"I'm barely inspired. I don't get why crushes are inspirations. Inspire to what?"

"I have no idea."

"See? I am actually annoyed, but more because I am still around to feel the presence."

"But shouldn't crushes make you feel all warm and fluffy inside?"

"Am I the only one who gets annoyed at my own crushes?"

"Probably not. But then you're probably the only one to constantly write about them since they serve as your inspiration in a way."

"For blog entries, I'll admit. But I never get those warm fuzzy feelings inside. I get all worried."

"Ehhhh? Is that even a crush?"

"I don't know! What do you think?"

"I don't know. I've liked the same person for three years and I feel happy inside. As gay as it sounds I feel warm and fluffy. Maybe this is no ordinary crush."

"Like every other crush I had? Although yeah, this feels out of the ordinary."

"You've never felt all warm and happy with your crushes?"

"Almost all the time. I was giddy with Misha."

"So that was a fluffy crush."

"That was a fluffy crush. You saw the blog entries!"

"It didn't seem fluffy. But if you felt fluffy inside I guess you could say that."

"But the giddiness behind it... that's fluffy."

"So gaaay! I love it!"

And your responses...

Crushes are yes, inspiration and a distraction as well! And annoyed with my own crush? A lot of times!

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