Our cause is a hopeless one

"Probably I'm not appealing compared to others," Niña pointed out. "And besides, masyado pang maaga for that. I wouldn't want to waste my time cuddling with someone!"

"But people approach you?" I asked. "I mean, may nahihiya at may walang hiya."

"Yeah," she hesitated. "Like, four na silang nag-tangka. And ngayon, may stupid stalker pa ako."

"And you said you weren't appealing," I said. Her display photo just changed from the Twilight mock-up to something more acceptable.

"Yes, I'm not," she insisted.

"Five people think otherwise," I said.

"Baka trip-trip lang yun," she dismissed.

"I think otherwise," I said, trying to sound like an older brother with a penchant for asking such questions. "People won't do such things for fun."

"Meron kaya," she countered.

I'll fast forward the conversation for your sake, since the most interesting bit happens later. Niña's graduating from high school next year, and the way things are going, she's entering UST. It was a slight blow, since I was convincing her to go to DLSU - and she already took the entrance exam - but apparently financial problems are bitching in.

"Gusto kong pumasok sa all-girls, eh," she later said. "Kaso my mom won't let me. Hindi daw ako masasanay makipag-socialize blah blah."

"Tama nga lang," I said, agreeing with her mother. "Uhh, you're coming off as a man hater. Are you?"

"Yeah!" she quickly went. "Boys are [a] pain in the ass. Kumbaga, pabigat lang sila. Istorbo."

"Because?" I went, half curious, half surprised.

"Wala lang," she said. "Ewan. Nakakainis sila paminsan. Conceited. Juvenile."

"Edward Cullen," I piped in.

"Ah," she sighed. "Different story! Edward is perfect. [He's] raising standards for future boyfriends."

"At this rate, hindi ka magkakaroon ng boyfriend," I said.

"I don't want to have one anyway," she said. "And gusto ko my first boyfriend will be my last."

If all high school girls thought this way, humanity is set for a quicker extinction. Insensitive, that one, so I'll change it. Boys who would've had the courage to ask their favorite girls out would be disillusioned. Who else is with me?

And your responses...

wow. talagang extinction yung term a!

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