I'm so sorry, Jenn, but...

"I went to his page and read some recent posts."

Found the following line linked to one of my entries. That's how Jhie found me, after all. One's innate curiosity leads to people clicking on links until he's wasted an hour of his time. I decided to read it again, wondering how the thing shapes up three months after it was written.

"I'm fearful that what happened to me in the past would happen to me again..."

She left a gap between that quoted line and the next quoted line.

"...because it's better to get away from things that could hurt you rather than let it do such."

It's the return of the slow day. I don't know if I'll be happy about it, but for today, at least, I figured I should feel slightly relieved, at the very least.

"Everything, it seems, is back to normal," I typed in. "Including the solo lunches."

"Oh," Valerie answered. "Why?"

"Well, wala lang," I answered. "Kris and Glenn are out, so there." A laugh followed.

I ended up buying myself a chocolate bar at the convenience store, mindful of my mother's constant urging for me to stop taking in anything sweet while at work. We're a family of diabetics, after all. But I'd rather die that way.

The dark chocolate, though, was very much overpowered by the peanuts.

And, well, I don't know. It just feels wrong.

I was reading the rest of my entry when my curiosity kicked in again. A gap to my right, but not to my immediate right, was forming. Looking straight, I sensed it. Peripheral vision, as I've always referred to it.

Arms waving more profoundly than usual. Step. Step. Step. Step.

I didn't think it would only last a week, but the past two days have been the most confusing so far. And, admittedly, the most irresistible regression I've ever had.

And your responses...

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