The pop culture apologies

I'm sorry if I'm not cool enough.

I'm sorry for being naïve, for being clueless about whatever's rocking everybody else's boat, and for being unaware of the people we should care about and the things we should be fawning about.

I'm sorry for my inability to sniff out the next big thing before everybody else thinks it is one.

I'm sorry for not being in touch with what everybody else is talking about.

I'm sorry for my mainstream tastes, for being into what everybody else is into, even if the ubiquity fizzles out the novelty and makes it just another annoying trend.

I'm sorry for not believing the hype, or for that matter, for believing the hype with all my heart.

I'm sorry for my views in life, for not being excited about whatever happens in hotel rooms at night, or whether it still happens in those places at those times.

I'm sorry if I don't see things the way you see it, or the way you think it should be seen, regardless of whether it deserves to be seen that way or not.

I'm sorry if I'm not interested in what you're interested in.

I'm sorry if you are compelled to introduce me to this British band, because you think they're cool, because you think their brand of rock makes people dance in a quirky fashion.

I'm sorry if you find the need to convince me to get a headshot of myself, because you think I'm better off having something to show to my friends, or that I'm conscientious enough to support causes we don't understand.

I'm sorry if you have to prove that taking photos with DSLRs or Lomo cameras are much better than camwhoring with our phones, by bombarding everything I see with high-contrast images or well-focused ones.

I'm sorry if you think I'm a hopeless case when it comes to European house music, or cocktails, or rock climbing, or suntan lotion, or sexual positions.

I'm sorry if you think we should hear what you think about one thing that's been bothering the rest of us, even if what you're saying is what everybody else has already said.

I'm sorry if you're asking me to ride another one of those bandwagons.

I'm sorry if you feel like proving to the world that you're the coolest person around.

I'm sorry if you think you're always right, and I'm always wrong.

I'm sorry that you're such a snob.

And your responses...

It's okay! I'm not cool as well! At least you're not joining the bandwagon, like other people out there just to fit in.

Blogger Joshua Concepcion12/07/2008     

biglang ganun sa huli.

Blogger N.12/07/2008     

its okay pinapatawad na kita. haha joke.

Blogger Unknown12/07/2008     

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