Seasons literally change

The difference is, I'm employed now. I don't have the time to think up of a cheesy group message to send to almost everybody, and much more, I don't have the time to determine who gets the message, out of the 250 people on my contact list. So, yesterday, I decided to compose the message while on my way home last night, and determined the 85 people who will get it. And, a little before eight in the morning, I pressed that button. You know, the one that says "send".

There's always a catch. I've been doing this for the past two years, and the results always amuse me - with my easily refuted "ever social" tendencies, people are bound to forget who I am. Or, maybe, never bother to know who I am. But this year has been spectacular, with the number of people I've met (and done everything with). And, inevitably, I can't help but be cynical about it.

Heck, I still sent the same message to 85 people. I'm at work, and despite all that, I'll still wish you a happy holiday season. Oh, and thank you for all the swoony, angry plot twists. See you when I turn twenty! As the phone started to freeze before sending, I hoped this was all worth it, Whether it will bring something cuddly, or something almost-blah, at least until five in the afternoon, well...

From Kris de Leon: I got your text. When's your birthday? It's funny, because she's just a few feet away from me, and...

From Jackie Uy: Awww! I'm on leave. Haha. Merry Christmas!

From Majet Labrador: Sorry, who's this? Right, she (temporarily) changed her phone number, and I haven't texted her since then. So that's very much understood.

From Majet Labrador, a minute later: Niko... Henrik? I had this question from birthday girl Trix yesterday, too.

From Majet Labrador, another minute later: Ah. Sorry! Temporary sim. I know that already. Kailan birthday mo? Am I getting the wrong message across?

From Majet Labrador, yet another minute later: Shit, I'm older. Pero sa date of birth lang. Valentine's pa dapat birthday ko eh. By now I'm wondering why the people who've replied so far noticed my line about my birthday, and not my actual holiday greeting. Snicker, snicker.

From Majet Labrador, oh you know what follows: Di, tinatanong ko lang naman. Saka 24 pa lang kaya. She didn't remember last year.

From Majet Labrador, probably for the last time: Ah, oh well. Happy holidays! Santa's coming to town! Whew.

From Misha Balangue: Merry Christmas to you too, Henrik!

From Kris de Leon, again online: What do you mean by swoony, angsty plot twists? I knew I shouldn't have said it. I just knew it.

From Icka Alcantara: Happy holidays to you too, but being stuck at work is probably far from happy. She couldn't have said it better.

From Louianna Sy: Hi Niko! Kamusta na nga pala? Haven't heard from you a long time na. Mush time! Haha. Miss your kadaldalan. Mush time? Merry Christmas and a happy new year!

From Icka Alcantara, three minutes later: Gee, I bet that makes things so much better. No, I won't disclose what that means. Haha. Anyway I still have work as well, which I have to get back to. Happy holidays again!

From Ruth Cruz: Merry Christmas, Henrik! Enjoy the holidays!

From Marcia Jarina: Treat? Birthday treat? I really shouldn't have mentioned my birthday. Haha. Merry Christmas, Niko. I just got off work today... merry Christmas! She just got off work? I didn't know...

From Drea Dizon: Merry Christmas, Niko!

From Katrina Naval: Niko, do you know any good and cozy restaurants in the Ortigas area? Nah, I'm not taking this personally; she sent me a greeting through email, as a response to me sending her an email she sent me three years ago, back when she was a call center agent. I didn't think nostalgia could be so amusing.

From Marcia Jarina, fifteen minutes later: Haha... for a while lang. Training pa lang naman, eh. I don't think I'll last long. I don't want to hate Americans, eh. Oo na, sellout. Haha. Sadly, that's exactly what I think.

From Marcia Jarina, faster than expected: Just exploring my options. Nagkataon na yun lang yung option at that moment, eh. You? How's work?

From Rochelle Chioa: Why ka work pa rin? Merry Christmas! Isipin mo na lang yayaman ka niyan. Good point. I just got invited to another lunch at the pantry, and I'm not keeping my hopes up. Money, money, where are you?

From Piyar Recuenco: Happy Christmas eve day! New holiday? Well. Haha! Excited? Love ko kayo! It's my first generic, err group, message.

From Elaine Cheng: Good morning, Niko! Why the hell are you still at work? I don't know either, my dear. Haha! I kid. Merry Christmas, father! God bless. Oh, it's no inside joke, but still. We've yet to meet. Oh, finally, she got my text message!

From Ariane Astorga: You have pasok today? Eep. Yeah. I'm feeling uncomfortable already. Kailan ka magbibirthday? Magcelebrate ka para masaya. I feel more uncomfortable already. Enjoy your Christmas, too!

From Sars San Juan: What swoony, angsty plot twists? Happy Christmas. I'm at work, too. Whew. Television is, indeed, a 24-hour affair. Like radio. And print. And my job.

From Ayis Bernabe: Who you po pala? There was a smiley face before. Hehe. Anyways, merry Christmas too! It seems she's forgotten that we're classmates in world history class.

From Ayis Bernabe, three minutes later: Merry Christmas! Still preceded by a smiley. Now remembers me.

From Lizette Lanuzo: Hi Henrik. Hope you're having a great time later! What's with sending replies online?

From Jennifer Ngo, still online: Tulog pa ako nung nag-text ka, pero I read it naman. So merry Christmas!

From Carmel Puertollano: Approximately nine hours to go na lang, Pasko na! Have a blessed Christmas, everyone! Enjoy the holidays! God bless you and your families. Insert all the trends here: a group message, sent online, greeting family members they haven't met. She's on a roll.

From Maebel Chan: Advanced merry Christmas! Di ako makakapag-online mamayang gabi, eh. Hahaha. Thanks for everything! Smooch at the end of that online groupie. That's a term.

From Neobie Gonzalez, through an excessively bored blog entry of hers: Oh well. Good luck then. Happy holidays and all that. Haha. This is proving to become a trend. Or, we're all just bent to go home.

Perhaps I'm better off waiting for all those generic text messages that come a day after, or the night before. I don't know. Today felt very weird - usually I'd get a handful of those messages, arguing that the networks would be congested with similar messages at this time. Well, I haven't really received any. (Where did my eighty-five bucks go?) The people who usually greet me at this time haven't texted - Ale, for instance, with her "help yourself with the food" quips - and those who haven't made their presence felt last year have. Things don't exactly change, it seems.

Then again, it's funnier thinking that things have changed with a revision in our environments. I am employed, after all, and so are most of us, and while we suddenly have extra obligations to deal with - there's still half a pizza left somewhere in the office - we end up not noticing what others are doing. No, I'm not taking it personally; it's just a little poignant, really. Eighty-five bucks. Only twenty-two was, technically, worth it.

Things have indeed changed. Even how the holidays feel have. Supposedly they're still the same, but, well, it doesn't seem to be anymore. There's only the "company dog" going around the desk, and that box of pizza, causing another swoon opportunity. I don't want to take that home. You want it? It makes for a good holiday gift. Consider it as my greeting then - happy holidays to you.

And your responses...

The caveat? It's been (slightly more than) a year and, yes, I'm still your fairly loyal (and very much confused) reader slash fanboy (I hope you don't mind that term).

Though I suspect I'm not exactly in the position to say you should savor the next eleven days of sleep - I mean, yes, I don't know anything more than what you write here, and we're not too close anyway - I'll do the next best thing: wish you a happy holiday.

So happy holidays, Niko! :D

Anonymous Anonymous12/24/2008     

Seasons do change! I don't feel the same...:( Or is just that we're all growing up & getting older?

Oh well, happy holidays to you! :)

Anonymous Anonymous12/28/2008     

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