Bullet point number six

I still felt distorted with the way things have gone this week. I've been going to the office by myself, but for some reason I was logged in an hour before my shift began. I didn't bring my new umbrella, partly because my mother asked me not to, only to see small drops of rain on the window of the van I was in.

I'm bound to be sharing today with someone.

"Welcome back, Valerie."

"Thanks, ah."

She was feeling, well, I don't know. It's her first day on training since the surprisingly long holiday break beckoned. Yesterday we were talking about David Cook and everything that connects him to Missy Higgins, and you wouldn't sense that dread that she seemed to have now. Or it was the gloomy skies. Or it was Wednesdays in general.

"I'm sooo stupid. I forgot my baon at home. Brilliant, no?"

"I can make libre to you."

And I felt like reiterating it, a minute later. "I'm serious," I said. "Pagbigyan na! Impulsive move to. Baka bawiin ko."

So we did end up meeting up. Her new office, after all, is in the same block as her old one. The only difference, maybe, is the fact that she has to be there for two years - no, make that a year and two-thirds. And that she has to learn what she learned in school before, although she'd maintain that she chose the wrong path.

Neither of us could decide, but she missed eating at KFC, so KFC it was. It does suck having no salary for roughly six weeks. Or being held for roughly two years.

The conversation all through was the usual, especially since I don't have much office gossip to tell, thanks to my half-banished position in the world. Still, someone's got an issue with Star World. Someone's got an issue with the rain. Someone's got an issue with Java programming, and with curry sauce, and with double patties, and with failing vision, and with hair cuts, and with incessant thought bubbles. We still managed to waste a good hour, partly in the nearby supermarket, when Valerie had to go to the cashier twice for realizing her hate of iced tea in fast food restaurants. For me, I also managed to waste almost my entire budget for a day, which worked to my advantage, as I teased her about the guitar she's always wanted to buy.

The rain started to fall as we went back.

I don't remember what the joke was all about - a vow to stay serene, as I described myself, for the rest of the shift - but for some reason I was so amused I hugged her. And then I thought that I shouldn't have. This is not, after all, college, where you can go and hug your friends randomly, or not so. This is the corporate world - really? - where friendships are not supposed to happen. Professional relationships. That's the word.

"Alam mo, ganyan din ako minsan sa mga classmates ko sa training. Nahahawakan ko sila ng bigla-bigla. Eh, kasi naman, touchy person ako."

"Pasensya na. Kasi naman, touchy person rin ako, hindi tulad ni..."

We both knew I had to stop myself.

And your responses...

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