The one missing out

"Maybe you really like her. Not as much as you think you do, but the feeling is still there. That's sincere, sort of. Selfish, in the sense that you could be using her to just get that feeling for yourself."

"Although I wasn't very aware of that, although I've been bent on letting go, especially when it gets serious, right. I hate it when I feel that way, the need to let go because it wrecks havoc. Now I see that as being insensitive, ironically, to someone insensitive in the first place."

"Why should it bother you, then? Do you feel that your being insensitive to her is somehow hurting her?"

"I'm not bothered because of what it'd do to her. I'm bothered because of what I'm doing, partly because it isn't right, and partly because I don't care if it's right."

"What do you mean it isn't right? Liking someone?"

"And disregarding the other side."

"What's wrong with that? You don't bother saying anything to her anyway. She remains oblivious to it all."

"I'm probably just not used to it. Never mind those flashes of brilliance when I end up deducing she knows, or has an idea, or something. I don't know. I'm bothered for no apparent reason, although that's probably what I want. A sort of distraction, perhaps."

"You're just torturing yourself."

"I'm pathetic, am I?"

"No. You just don't know how to feel about it. You're confused."

"So, I can't get started, I can't figure out whether it's love, I can't determine whether she hates me or not, I can't even collect the courage to send out the good mornings. I guess that makes me pathetic. Or maybe to myself, I don't know."

"Maybe you're just infatuated."

"That's the easiest answer."

"Stick to it."

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