It simply follows that, since I blog so often, I probably am socially awkward.

Sometimes, though, I consciously take a break from writing, at least on this space. It always entails thinking fairly hard, looking for the best way to both stay true to my message and mesmerize my readers. Perhaps it's my knack for wanting to impress everybody.

But that urge also means I hit myself hard when I think I deserve it. Well, arguably that happens always. But there are times when I can't think of the right way to say things, or even the right thing to write about, that I just let it boil over and take a break. Three days without an entry, tops, unless things really happen. Better that, than writing something aimlessly and realizing that you've writted a sucky essay, and then publishing it anyway.

I do admit you can't peel me away from the computer. But what else can I do? In a world where nobody is interested in you, all I can do is throw fists in the air, hoping it makes an impact. So, it follows, socially awkward people supposedly blog often.

I guess today is one of those days.

And your responses...

hindi kaya lahaaaaatt

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