For Ellie, future teenager

Now that you've mentioned it, you're right; you're going to be thirteen years old in exactly a month. And, all of a sudden, I remember the past year, when so many people despaired during the days leading to their birthdays, because by then they will turn twenty - and, in a snap, it's goodbye to their teenage years, and hello, big world, sort of.

Suffice it to say that the next seven years of your life is going to be the most important. In your case, it's seventh grade, four years of high school, and a fragment of your college years; that actually makes you lucky, because you're going to be given a little more leeway at 21, still in college, perhaps finishing things, or starting all over again. It's in the next seven years when you'll learn perhaps the most important things you'll encounter in life, and that's what makes those years a roller coaster ride.

And I don't expect anyone to turn this to a spoken word track. I don't, obviously, have the clout to be mistaken for Kurt Vonnegut, which I haven't read either.

But remember the influx of responsibilities. Growing up, as you well know, is growing in; the more capable you become, and inevitably you will be, the more tasks you will be asked to do. Don't frown, but don't just do everything. Know what you can, and learn when you think you ought to, or what you want to.

And remember the influx of relationships. People will come and go, and without understanding they will pounce on you. Let it go when you have to; stay firm when the line has been crossed. Keep watch over your friends; the next seven years will be very crucial in determining whether you'll have someone to turn to when you're 25, or 36, or 58. And don't ever break someone's heart without justification. That is the worst crime you could do to someone, and if anything, you'll end up hurting yourself more than you hurt the other end, unless you take on a steel suit and crash yourself towards bookshelves.

Your family will be there, pretty much, and at points they will not understand you. Your friends will be there, and at points it will seem that they're the only ones who do. But it's you that should be watched closely. Confusion will come in; your definition of some concepts will change, once or fifteen times, over the next seven years. Let it be. Don't let mistakes get to you, unless they are really regrettable. Volatility is a given at this point. Be stern, but be flexible, and hold on to your beliefs and your principles. This is not the best time to lose them.

But, most of all, have fun with it. There will be many firsts. And, definitely, there will be many lasts.

The next seven years will define you. The next seven years will determine whether you'll live beyond 20, or live past a century, and whether people will see you as this kid with a rowdy imagination, or a kid with a rowdy imagination and lots of money. Trust me. People will look down on you, the same way people will look up at you, but don't let it get to you. Sometimes this is the make-or-break decision, and when it's gone, you'll look for it, and never find it.

Take it from someone who grew up too fast and wants everything back, inevitably.

And, if it will help, I will stop calling you Ellie when you turn sixteen. It's not a promise, though.

And your responses...

nung 13 ako atat akong mag-18.

ngayong 18 na ko, gusto ko ng maging 13..ulit.

:( (ang emo ko)

Anonymous Anonymous2/27/2009     

ayoko na mag birthday.

Blogger N.3/01/2009     

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