Shouldn't be, but is

I am supposed to be absolutely clueless about this, right?

I mean, I am not supposed to notice. I shouldn't notice you coming around. I shouldn't notice that you aren't asking me questions. I shouldn't notice that we aren't talking anymore.

And I understood. Things got in the way. I had to do things, and you had to do things. If there's anything we both understood, it's the possibilities of space. And respecting it. And we had disagreements about it, and I asked for it, and you stayed away. And you asked for it, and I stayed away.

I am not supposed to notice. And yet I did.

How long has it been going? Weeks? Months? Of me saying I'm too busy, and you giving way? I didn't say I don't want you around. Why do you suddenly don't want me around?

I know you'd do it only because you have something to hide. Something to hold against. You've opened this up to me. You've had this with so many people. And I respected that, even if it overlapped in so many places.

So why do I deserve this?

What exactly did I do? Because, as far as I know, I didn't do anything. The only thing we agreed is, we're both busy in stuff and we wouldn't have the time for anything. I didn't say anything against you. I didn't do anything to do, direct or otherwise. I was just keeping quiet, dealing with my own problems, not doing anything to implicate who shouldn't be.

Instead, you decide to click on those two buttons and shut me off.

I'm supposed to understand why I'm now on the receiving end, but I'll never have peace of mind until I know why you did this to me. What I did. Why I deserve this. Whether I should apologize to you.

But if there's one thing I know, it's that I don't have anything to apologize to you for.

I didn't do anything. You know that. I gave you the respect that you deserve, for being one of the few people who stuck it out when things have gone terribly wrong.

And I never disappeared. We just drifted away, but that doesn't mean I've disappeared for good.

It was you who decided to have it over with.

And I want to know why.

And your responses...

Kuya Niko, are you alrightttt? >:D< :)
I hope you feel better soon about this person or at least you guys will sort things out.
Hope you the best! :D

Blogger Eunice!2/24/2009     

connected ba ito dun sa sinend mo sa mail ko? i wonder...

Blogger N.2/25/2009     

It has nothing to do with being busy. It's with you being so insensitive!

Anonymous Anonymous2/27/2009     

try checking your archives

Anonymous Anonymous2/27/2009     

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