Still waiting

This concept entails a lot of waiting, and terribly so. They do say the best things come to those who wait, regardless of how you define those words. They also say that nothing beats a little effort, especially if you think it's worth it in the end.

So, in the end, one waits for the daydream to occur.

One waits for the right time to make a move.

One waits for the best chance to ask someone out.

One waits for the date.

One waits for the right words to write on the card.

One waits for the yes he's been waiting for.

One waits for the money to buy an engagement ring.

One waits for the anticipation to come in.

One waits for the feelings to disappear.

One waits for the dreaded conversation.

One waits for the right time to give up.

One waits for the circumstances to force her to do so.

One waits for the best way to move on.

Endlessly waiting.

Surely, we all have to act on these things sooner than later, but in reality, many of us are still waiting. Perhaps, it's the problem with uncertainty.

And your responses...

waiting... hmm.

Blogger N.2/01/2009     

"One waits for the right time to give up."


i like this entry. natamaan ako.

Anonymous Anonymous2/03/2009     

hey, I can make a song out of this :P

Blogger Unknown2/05/2009     

do these ONEs have names? LOL. otherwise you can just name all of them Juan :P

Blogger Katia2/05/2009     

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