Get this geek out of my sight, then we'll be best friends

In a world where effort is mandatory, it's weird seeing people give a lot of emphasis to those who never have to try. Now, this guy, he came from a rich family. She possesses indescribable beauty. He has a smile that brings everyone to their knees. She is the person you'd want to be around with. He makes for the perfect husband. And then there's us, the hopeless people who want to be just like them.

So, perhaps because that's what we're told to prize, or at worst endure without choice, we try to achieve what they have achieved. There's a reason why cosmetic surgeons and facial care manufacturers make a lot of money. There's a reason why billboards along highways insist bad grammar gets in the way of a kiss. There's a reason why I'm paying a dermatologist, and why I'm occasionally buying style magazines with the guise of good journalism when all that matters is what I should do best. There are the talking points, and then there's looking good. Both are utterly indispensable.

And then, there are the people that don't have to try. They'll just throw them inside a house with 24/7 cameras, perhaps make a million hearts swoon, and make you a star regardless of whether you won anything, or wanted you around with your partner in the first place. Or, they'll have you wear a bikini and pose for the cameras; besides, you did not have breast augmentation surgery, didn't you? You didn't have all your zits popped out. You didn't have all your unweildly fat sucked out of your body. You just happen to have a certain charisma, a certain charm, which attracted people to you, for better or for worse. Perhaps the ability to crack jokes, make fun of anything and everything, make sense, or maybe not. Touch people. Change them for the worst. As for us, well, we know the right steps and yet we can only try harder.

Score one more for the hypocrites. Here they go, telling you to do something in order to get something. Start reaching out. Check on yourself. Stop being insensitive. Be scared of losing friends. You do not want that. At the very same time, they gravitate to those that they like, and those that are like them. You want it natural? Sure, better bust out those awkward moments. You don't want a conversation to go to a stop because the other side is thinking of the best thing to say, to prevent getting rid of you. Never mind that. You'll get rid of them anyway. No more reaching out. No more tactfulness. No more regard for anything and everything.

"Get this geek out of my sight, then we'll be best friends."

And your responses...

Ugh, what I hate the most are the rich bastards who complain how terrible life is when they never even have worked for a moment in their lives and everything's been handed to them since their royal births. And don't get me started with stunning eyecandies whose beauty blinds the nauseating shiz out of me.

Ah, as Bob Ong beautifully puts it,
"Ang mga crush ng bayan nagmumukhang pandesal din, maniwala ka."

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"As for us, well, we know the right steps and yet we can only try harder."


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