Do elevators elevate downward?

Having lived in Cavite for most of my conscious life, I always had a fascination for SM Megamall. Shallow, sure, but I was a kid then, and it was just a stretch of walkway after walkway, a bumch of escalators and elevators, and rows after rows of shops. And a skating rink, and a food court, and three exhibition halls, and twelve cinemas, and a major road piercing through it, and spiraling pathways for cars.

But what got my attention was the elevators. There were two on each building, and each was a bookend to the the open spaces that made the mall brighter than it should be during the day. Or, it was a novelty when I was just two. I liked the way it gave people the ability to see the whole five floors from one viewpoint. Or at least it felt amazing to me as a kid. I've always wanted to be in there just for the view, that big feeling that kids always wanted.

Of course, the family rarely went there. Christmas shopping almost always happened in Makati, with the more usual malling happening in the Las PiƱas area, and when it got more accessible, in Alabang. And my fascination for that kilometer-long slab of concrete at Ortigas died down, but more because I already saw many other malls, and they're all pretty much the same. Getting an Ortigas-based job didn't even spike things up - it merely meant I'll find myself in that mall more often than I expected. A kilometer-long slab of concrete. I never get tired of walking.

After work last night, I went there to get myself a haircut. The only barber shop's at the fifth floor, but force of habit meant me taking the escalators, singing to Howling Bells, tapping my feet and the escalator railings. When that's done, out of impulse, I decided to go down the elevator.

Only thing was, it piled on another impulsive decision: buy something from Dairy Queen. The Brownie Temptation Blizzard isn't recommended, or I like the Mudpie one more.

That was on the third floor. So imagine me going two floors down, through the escalators, and buying a P75 paper cup of won't-spill-when-upside-down ice cream. Then imagine me going two floors up, through the escalators, and regretting the variation I bought. Then imagine me waiting outside the elevator, as it went slowly, from the basement to the uppermost floor.

Five minutes later, and halfway through the ice cream, I got in, went straight to the glass window, and watched the mall move up, as I went down. I just stared at the wide space, earphones plugged in, red spoon in my mouth, slowly getting sleepy, slowly getting distracted, but partly mesmerized. Upon reaching the ground floor, I came out, walked through the crowds, went out of the mall, walked to the pedestrian walkway, found myself in a tight shuttle, and slept. I thought it'd probably be the last time I'm taking the elevators. I'll probably find myself away from Ortigas soon.

They did say the best things happen to those who bite off more than they chew.

And your responses...

that's something interesting. I wish I was somewhere there to watch you. haha!

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