It's a note, but it's a long one

I guess it finally happened to me: I am too busy to update this blog.

Actually, no. I still end up with a free hour or so at work, and that's the usual sixty idle minutes that sees me seated in front of this monitor, browsing the usual geeky stuff, with an email written out but not sent somewhere in the taskbar. Well, today was an exception, because I was tasked to upload one pretty big project that's due out within the Seattle day. I ended ten minutes before six, mostly because technology was failing me. Or time zones are.

And actually, I still end up thinking of stuff to write about. The concession is, it doesn't happen as often as before. Being seated where I am means you're basically disconnected from everything, and that mean you have nothing much to observe, and nothing much to write about. The online conversations can only get you so far. There's also me being engrossed with work lately - which is, ironically, a good thing - especially since some of my bigger plans came to swing as the television season wrapped up over the past two weeks. I've officially called myself a CSI geek.

Or there's Twitter, and all my thoughts going there.

The past couple of years, I've pegged May as the month where all of my best blog entries end up going. I guess I'm more receptive (and more idle) during those months, and it makes for a refreshing change from all those romance-related thought bubbles. I still have those, actually, but for some reason it just doesn't explode like before. However annoying it is for me to end up thinking about what's four feet away while walking towards the shuttle terminal - almost always in the same spot - it, well, just doesn't happen. I still text Kat for distraction once in a while. I don't call it moving on, either.

I've strayed from my topic. Goodness.

The thing is, the entire scenario has changed. I still want to update this blog as often as I can, but I guess it doesn't come to me anymore. Or, whatever's there doesn't elicit any reaction, and that's before I told myself to stop tackling it. One of you can breathe easy now, even if the damage cannot be undone.

The most enlightening line of the day - otherwise spent in frustration, or dancing to Passion Pit while everybody's left - came from Les, who was somehow happy that the weekend's come. Or maybe not. Work's all we ever do, she contended, and I agreed. And then she threw me with those words.

"It's so sad to think that for the rest of our lives, it revolves around one thing alone. Work!"

Well, that, and growing up, and getting married, and being responsible. But all of that's a long shot, if you think of it, because there's a part of us that wants to stay like this, and a part of us that wants to move on. And I realize I strayed from my subject yet again. Then again, was there ever a subject? Any other subject?

And your responses...

it's twitter's fault! haha

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