One year after take-off

Anna Abola: Now doing work for a PR company. Marielle Antonio: Now in Japan, teaching English. Ariane Astorga: Now doing marketing stuff for a technology company.
Kris Balingit: Now a trainee at a bank. Niko Batallones: Now a writer for an American television website. Trix Deseo: Now doing food reviews for a lifestyle website.
Mimi Esteban: Now also doing some outsourced writing. Jason Lopez: Now showing up in film festivals in the United States. Edsel Mendoza: Now taking photos at Greenbelt 5.
John Pangan: Now selling credit cards, and plotting his departure. Kat Pasigan: Now doing advertisements and other stuff. Jose Perfecto: Now having fun with his pottery.
Naomi Quimpo: Now working on sales while saving up for law school. Sars San Juan: Now coordinating production for a television network. Kaymee Santos: Now organizing events across the metro.
Charmaine Tan: Now also training under a bank. Jackie Uy: Now getting ready to fly to Taiwan for further studies. Malia Viardo: Now waiting for her fate in Singapore.

Anna Abola has taken on two jobs, both of which didn't exactly work out, until she took a position handling accounts for a PR company. "I'm still finding my place in society, still want to dance, still in love with Milan," she said. "Latest news from me is I'm trying out for pre-school. My accounts position is nothing!"

Marielle Antonio flew to Japan immediately after her graduation, along with her family. Last we heard, she is working as an English teacher to Japanese students, much like her father.

Ariane Astorga started working as part of a technology company's marketing staff a week after graduation. In between hosting events, writing press releases and voicing phone systems, she's still looking for a "career that she hopes would suit her better," according to a statement she released. She was heard on the radio for one morning and one night, but has yet to find the right match for her.

Kris Balingit currently works as a management trainee for BPI. "It's kinda boring na kasi you keep on doing the same thing each and every single day," she once said. "I'm not complaining, though."

Niko Batallones still works as an "outsourced writer", and despite everything, he feels he's done things not everybody - even his colleagues - have done. "Inaway ako ng mga readers ko kasi I said Adam [Lambert] shouldn't win," he said. "That's just one of them. My best work involves starting controversies. I think I have." The rest of his life, he says, has been well-documented.

Trix Deseo started writing for ClicktheCity.com before graduation, and has since written many of the website's food reviews. "Try dieting when your job is to eat a lot everyday," she once said on her Facebook page. "Now that is hard. That Chunky Choco Tempura is evil. Deep fried chocolate? How could I resist?"

Mimi Esteban is currently working as a publishing specialist for an American company. When asked for work anecdotes, she had nothing to say.

Jason Lopez can't believe that it's been a year. He's left for the United States in January, and now works as an intern at a production company, all while pursuing his dreams. One of his short films got shortlisted at the Philadelphia Independent Film Festival. "I haven't really earned a lot of money, pero I think I achieved a lot in terms of personal and career fulfillment," he said. "Yung pera na lang talaga yung kulang."

Edsel Mendoza took a holiday before taking a job as a photographer for The Picture Company, one of at least three CAM105 kids who did so. He did a short stint at the Mall of Asia branch before helping open the Greenbelt 5 branch. "I've been in the company for six months now," he said. "It's a steady job and [it] will do for now."

John Pangan currently works as part of Citigroup's sales staff, and has "learned and earned quite a lot of sales experience". But he admits he isn't happy with where he is right now. "It doesn't really make me self-fulfilled," he said. "Something is definitely missing." He intends to quit his job after his first year, and will look for a job that's more in line with his course. Despite the current economic woes, he thinks he's ready for it.

Kat Pasigan is busy working on several productions, having spent her time staying up late, meeting stars, and having her phone number unwillingly announced on air. "[I'm] now under [Rica Arevalo's] wing," she said. "Sort of a workaholic, but how can I not be? I love my job." She still aspires to become either a producer or a cinematographer. "Napakamagkaibang daan," she pointed out.

Jose Perfecto worked a few odd jobs, including a short stint in Cebu designing installations for an air conditioner manufacturer. He currently describes himself as "self-employed," working as a ceramic artist and doing everything from dinnerware to art pieces.

Naomi Quimpo pursued video editing for a while, before taking up a sales position at a hotel in Manila. "I would've continued editing kundi dahil kila mom," she said. "Enjoy naman. It's not the kind of selling that requires cold calls, finding your own clients, following up ... as in zero pressure." Her ultimate goal is to save up for law school, and get her own condominium at Eastwood City.

Sars San Juan is one of the few who have taken jobs within the media industry, having started work at QTV months after graduation. "I work as a production coordinator here," she said. "We can [use Facebook]."

Kaymee Santos has naturally remained quiet, and is reportedly working at an events management company. She couldn't be reached as of press time, so specifics are unknown.

Charmaine Tan also works as a marketing trainee in a bank at the moment. She also couldn't be reached as of press time, so specifics are also unknown.

Jackie Uy was already working for a cosmetic company before leaving at the end of last year to work as a writer for the noontime show Eat Bulaga! She has since left her post to study at the National Chengchi University in Taipei, on the back of a scholarship.

Malia Viardo flew to Singapore early this year after taking additional classes in digital arts. "One year later, [I'm] stuck in limbo waiting for a confirmation [for my] EPEC application," she said. "If it fails, screw Singapore. I will earn my first million here."

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