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Apart from my iPod, the only gift I got during my graduation was a bottle of aftershave, which my Merville-based uncle and aunt gave me. While I appreciated the gesture, I thought it was a pretty clueless gift to give, mostly because I don't shave, which goes at odds with my half-prominent body hair. (The only time I had my face shaved was when my barber was utterly convinced that I had to. And that was when I accidentally paid for the full grooming package days after my birthday.)

Only lately did I start using that, though. I still haven't learned how to shave - that barely noticeable tuft of hair on my chin is still barely noticeable - but when I ran out of that sprayable aromatherapy extract that I was using as a perfume, I decided, better use the otherwise idle gift as a cologne, rather than let it evaporate. Besides, I can use it as that, although to make it more akin to aftershave, it's only applied to the area around the neck.

Judging by my cluelessness over such things, you can say it's never really been my habit to wear any scent to anywhere. Or by the fact that I don't always apply aftershave before going to work, but it's more because I've forgotten to do so. I always never trusted those scents, despite me knowing what it contributes to the impression I make towards other people. There's the science of picking the right scent for you - I remember reading that it shouldn't be too strong, and that it should mix in quite well with the sweat. But I guess I never really got that science. What else do you get when you have someone as hyperactive and sweaty as me?

Many times, however, I've wondered how some people manage to carry those scents for quite a while. There's college, and among the many, many people I've met, there are some who have succeeded in working those nasal registers. I smell something and know that it's them. The same doesn't exactly happen at work, but from where I am, I smell a myriad of those scents, some irritating, some questionable, and some too subtle for me to even notice. But at least they smell like something.

But of course, the obvious technique - spray often! Then again, it's pretty cumbersome for guys - or maybe it's just me - to bring a bottle of perfume, or cologne, or something to work. Or, betetr yet, bring it out of my bag and spray myself every time I think I have to. I guess it's just me who thinks doing such impression management is limited to the bathroom, but I should have an explanation as to why I suddenly smell bursts of designer perfumes when I'm busy writing short profiles on obscure American child actors.

Then again, I could do it discreetly - I tried just that one time, with that aromatherapy whatever, and me seated in front of this PC, the moment I arrived. Oh, if you're wondering why I'm using that thing as a scent, it's partly because I like it, and partly because it calms me. But it fades away after a couple of hours or so. And it's a small bottle. And it's empty.

I got around, anyway. I do it for formality's sake, but I don't really get bothered if it doesn't smell anymore. (Unless, of course, if I begin to stink.) Sure, I still smell it in the few people that I talk to nowadays, but that's for them to keep. As for me, if I forget it, never mind. I don't get the chance to be that close to anybody else anyway.

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