Back when Fridays meant something

Remember when we were younger, back when Friday meant something? It wasn't just a day to get over with. It was a celebration of sorts.

At least that's how I remember it. It was out with the itchy white polos, uncomfortable black jeans and worn-out black leather shoes. Our PE uniform had green stripes on one sleeve, I think, but we definitely had green jogging pants, and at the worst of times it felt like, well, felt paper. It was itchy at its worst. We also got to wear rubber shoes, and at some point we were showing off our new pairs, if ever we had new pairs, back when the obsession for athlete-signed footwear was just a concept. Well, until the school asked us to wear Advan shoes because it's more economical. Less comfortable, too.

All that fuss meant we had PE class, and for us it meant playing games outside. There's this wide field in front of the school, and we all gathered there, treating the whole thing as an extension of recess rather than an academic exercise with added physical effort. If it wasn't an extended conversation pepper with pranks, it was a game. I forgot which games we played there, but it felt different from when we played dodgeball or agawan-base inside the school. PE had a dignified feel, at least until we used the time to rehearse for our annual Family Day, and that half-flamboyant (and eternally annoyed) choreographer - whose name slips me, despite his name being specially-embroidered in his pair of jogging pants - comes by.

We gome home and watch television, and it's different from the rest we see all the other days of the week. Gone are the one-story sitcoms and dramas, and in go the assortment of sketches - back when we didn't call it "sketches" - and the messy game shows, and the cartoons. The cartoons, yes. Cartoons on prime time! Or, if your mind goes way back, foreign teen dramas! Cable was unheard of, or at least not available.

Sure, Fridays still hold the same the-weekend-is-here! significance, especially now that we're working (or at least most of us) and we're longing for the days when all we did was not worry. But something's been lost from those days to now. I don't know. We didn't really worry about what we'll do on the weekend, for one. All we knew back then, we get two days off school and we can do whatever we want. Now, there's got to be something, and we still worry, for the most part. Where to go, what to do, who to be with, if you choose to do so, that sort of thing. Or, why isn't anyone.

All of a sudden, Friday doesn't mean much anymore, because it all bleeds to there and to Saturday and to Sunday, and the next thing we know, it's Monday again, and we're not happy with those two days off. Contrast that to back then, and it felt two days were more than enough.

Right now, I'm not wearing a white shirt with green stripes on one sleeve. I'm not wearing Advan rubber shoes, and I'm thankful that it isn't raining, or else my Climacools would be moot. I'm not outside playing. I'm not kidding around with people. I'm not hanging around. I'm not laughing, more or less. It doesn't feel special, until you realize that when you go home and sleep, you don't have to wake up to the sound of your mobile phone's alarm. The rest is appreciated, but the rest make you feel that nothing happened, and then Monday comes and we'll wait all over again. The anticipation inevitably disappears.

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