The day Zet's proposal got approved (or the day I wrote a blatantly self-indulgent entry)

By my own admission, this story is shallow. Waiting for a new battery for our then-useless car, and all the fatigue the twenty-second hour brings, meant the story I wanted to tell slipped through the cracks. Shame, for it was a much convincing story, although you can say it's more of a thought bubble that's built to make me look good.

It probably is. But so is this one, perhaps, because the shallow story involves me, and I'll most definitely be writing the next few paragraphs in a self-indulgent way.

But all I really wanted to do is to congratulate Zet. I mean, I'm probably caring a bit too much about her thesis, but being someone who's given her some advice as she tried to even get the chance to do her thesis, well, it's something I think I have to do, even if I think I don't have to. I may be too crazy when my thoughts go to that direction and I end up wondering whether it's been too much. But, yeah, it's really small in comparison.

I've long been done with my thesis, having graduated and all that, but I still receive emails from the faculty with word on those that came after us, which included most of my college friends and a few of my friends below the ladder, Zet included. But I wasn't supposed to have an idea. I'm actually a little annoyed at why I still get emails from TeamComm regarding activites that are definitely irrelevant to me, but I don't remove myself from their list. (Then again, they used to weed everyone out every year.)

So I checked my email this afternoon, and saw Miss Diaz announce the results of the second batch of topic readings last week. I just clicked on it so I won't have any new messages, but I ended up reading it anyway, because her explanations for why a student's proposal has been approved or otherwise were unusually long.

The word "interracial" filtered through, and I knew I had to text Zet.

"Congratulations on whaaat?" she replied. "I'm in Subic!"

Oh, what an unfortunate time to be in Subic. But I remembered that the same thing happened to me, or maybe something close to it. Char was the first to tell me that we got Sir Mariano as our mentor. John was the first to tell me that our proposal finally got approved, at the third reading. Both were through comments on this blog, which made it a little more public.

"Oh, so I'm the first to tell you?" I said.

It was a very odd feeling.

"Your proposal got approved."

And then I explained Miss Diaz's surprisingly long explanations. It's a screenplay about, if I remember correctly, interracial relationships. Filipino-Korean relationships, I think. She told me that in our few chats while I remained idle at work. I figured it's something she could do pretty well, once she gets past the paperwork and Sir Doy's pre-thesis filtering, to weed out the bad writers before he can handle them. And then I explained the others who made it, even if they're strangers for the most part. Four were disapproved entirely and have to play with new ideas entirely. A handful had to resubmit their proposals, with one because of the smallest detail. And then there were the four students who were given the go-signal.

My mind paced to the time when we got two resubmits and despaired about whether we'd be able to get our proposal approved. Two of us - Jason and I - had yet to fail a class, and at whatever point we can't afford to fail that and be delayed for a year. The rest, as that cliché goes, is history.

I counted nine exclamation points on her last text message. I could imagine she's jumping in joy at the most unexpected of places. I can see where she's coming from.

And it does feel good to be the bearer of good news, only I didn't expect to be that guy. That aside, the hard work's just to begin, and as all of those who did screenplays for thesis - John, Marcia, Sars, who else, Yoa? - it's going to be quite a long ride. Well, I did a screenplay myself, but we had to shoot it, too. I told you, this is going to be self-indulgent, but that good feeling's gone now, and tomorrow is just around the corner...

And your responses...

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