Softer hair with every wash

Like in most days, I've been idle for the past three hours or so. I've been seated here jumping from website to website, answering emails and snubbing people. Maybe dragging and dropping a few things on the computer, or taking quick peeks at the window outside to see if it's raining. Which is pretty moot, because obviously it is raining.

There've been a few odd things going on today. Not with the change of assignments or my predictable amazement at myself, but with the number of toilet visits I've done today. It's been so long but I still don't feel comfortable with leaving my desk and having to pass all those people, but today, it's more of a what-the-heck attitude. I think I've been drinking too much water, too, which explains the many trips to the toilet and to the water dispenser.

And there's this email going around the company - the usual reminders about taking care of your belongings, since apparently there's been a spate of thefts in the office. Guessing it's the night shift. I remembered that when I left for another one of those toilet breaks, because I left my iPod charging on my desk.

The odd thing is, I brought my iPod charger to work, when I usually would just let it die when it has to. Well, it hasn't, but it could.

All of a sudden I'm not used to these rains. Well, it's been raining for a while now, and my third umbrella's been put to good use, made more enjoyable by its smaller size and its one-button operation. (The second's disintegrated despite all my efforts.) I guess it's all because of yesterday, and the way I found myself stuck at the mall, eating dinner at McDonald's because my mom was concerned I'd go home to nobody, because they're stranded too, because the only way home is flooded and packed with vehicles.

More of a precautionary measure, actually. If I get stuck in traffic, at least I have my iPod for company, falling asleep but not, because there'd be theft, most definitely. And it'd be worse if the perpetrator's not one who I can catch.

And it feels eternally gloomy where I am right now. I've been here for nine hours and the lights on my row of desks are still turned off. Well, light's still sufficient. Guess the back row's ain't. So I don't know what's going on, and it's dark outside and inside. And I'm just dragging items across windows, trying to make things sound a little better. Maybe consider Kevin's invitation to some get-together in Cubao. I heard Ariane and Icka's going.

So I remove my iPod and charge my phone. I need my communication more than my music, as you very well know.

And then something Twilight-related comes to me and I get on it.

And your responses...

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