Oh no.


It's happening.


The one thing we don't want to happen. Him thinking of her.

Oh God, you're right. He is thinking of her. What exactly?

I don't know. I'm still grabbing the readings.

He seems fine to me, really. You'd often see it in his face. He's got those little squirms when he goes in that direction.

Here it is.

Consciousness free flow?

Yeah. "I'm not antisocial. I just don't go with people I don't go well with."

Go on.

"Why is she laughing with him? Why him? What's with him?"

He's heading that direction again. You've got to go stop those thoughts. We can't compromise this set-up!

Inputs say otherwise. At this rate it seems inevitable.

Why's he going that way anyway? Was it classified? Don't tell me he's been denying it! He said he's done with it! He's put it down on paper!

It's frustrating circumstances, damn it!

Then do something about it!

It's beyond my control now!

Call in an epiphany alert! He'll realize he thought wrong, he'll realize he's still in love with her, it will happen all over again...

What happened?

It's gone?

Seems so. I'm checking the stream. He, he squished it himself.

I highly doubt that.

Maybe you shouldn't. For once.

And your responses...

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