(Random life questions, such as) "does Demi Lovato really have a cleft chin?"

Item one: Last night we had this random conversation on the dinner table about dreams. Only then did I realize that my dreams fell in any one of three loose categories. The first involves situations in school, which hasn't happened lately because I'm obviously not in school anymore. The second involves this constant image of the bottom of a swimming pool in the middle of the night. The third involves me and a girl, running around some complicated maze of a building, looking for something, but often than not being chased by unidentified men, again in the middle of the night. It can be a mall, it can be a house directly connected to a train station, and it can be any girl, but there are the constants. I wonder what that means?

Item two: I have two observations whenever I watch any show that's hosted by Giada de Laurentiis. One, she always eats, and eat a lot she does, but she still remains really slim. Two, she always wears low-cut tops, if that is the right term, which means she cooks while giving everyone some view of her cleavage. When I made that observation, my mother reprimanded me, thinking all I did while watching Everyday Italian was stare at her boobs, forgetting that I always watched cooking shows when I was a kid.

Item three: I was looking through the novelization of Princess Protection Program and, as always, I looked at the obligatory full-color insert with screen grabs and behind-the-scenes photos from the television special. Only then did I notice that Demi Lovato does have a cleft chin, which suddenly makes her look odd. Or, I guess that's why I have the slightest musings over her co-star, Selena Gomez.

Item four: Why is it that most, if not all, of the most substantial local magazines being sold today are pretentious? And no, I'm not talking about those fashion magazines, and definitely not FHM or that sort. It's actually frustrating going to a bookstore, browsing through the magazine section, and realizing that none of the offerings actually spoke to you: they either target the lowest common denominator, or the ones who can afford to buy a private jet, or at least dinner at a five-star hotel. Or, it's me who wants to get to that level, making me, or all of us, feel that we can reach that next level, and then failing. Perhaps that's the reason why I buy Spin more often than I should. Or, at the very least, listen to obscure independent artists online.

Item five: Why is it so hard to find a copy of Aubrey Niffenegger's The Time Traveler's Wife? No, it's not for me; it's for my sister, who needs it for school, which is why she bought the compiled edition of all twelve Watchmen comic books. Or graphic novel, sure. Stuff about literary works being translated to films. Kevin apparently told her it's hard to find that novel, and true enough, we went to five bookstores without luck. The associations attached to the book, and to the upcoming film, could be worse.

Item six: I've sent a handful of birthday greetings the past few weeks and some of them didn't get even some public acknowledgment. Does that automatically mean they don't give a damn about the guy who was given the Most Thoughtful award at one point in, I don't know, 1996? Better yet, when should you bother being thoughtful, and when shouldn't you? Obviously, or maybe I'm the only one, it sucks making an effort to be recognized when all you get is a quick dismissal, or nothing at all.

Item seven: What exactly is a date? I remember telling my folks about another observation: that Ariane and I have been together in Ortigas many times. A "date", as Clarence described it three years back. My mother again told me that I should be courting her. I never really thought of the possibility, because we should know it's more complicated than it sounds, which is why we invented terms such as "friendly dates" and "one-night stands" and that sort. Oh, and I'm bound to be misinterpreted, but as far as I know, Ariane's got a boyfriend, and all we really can be are good friends, regardless of those associations.

Item eight: We always end up falling in love with, or at least get infatuated with, or at least have slight musings for, people who we know we cannot have. Must be the challenge, or the feeling to climbing one step up whatever ladder we're climbing. It was some random thought I ended up having while reading old blog entries for boredom's sake. Or, in this society, it probably refers to what one character from The Mentalist said: "love is for men who can't get laid." So it must be that debate about substance against shallowness. I'll never figure it out.

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