They don't call it strange for nothing

One unit is, say, one inch. So one unit down is one inch down, and one unit to the left is one inch to the left.

Now that's cleared, you have two points, side by side, separated by, say, seven units. The one to the left will move downwards, three units down and half a unit to the right, in an arc. The one to the right will do the exact mirror image of what the left will do. That should make it easy.

Now both points are separated by six units. Both will continue moving downward, still in an arc, and still symmetrical, but now, and we're talking about the left here, it will go down two and a half units down and one and a half units to the left. The right will do the mirror image, as it always does.

So you have two curves, two crescents with their backs against each other, with more depth at the bottom than at the top. The two points are now separated by eight units. Add a little more perspective, maybe move backward so it looks like it's far from you and it's moving away from you, and you're pretty much ready to roll.

Two things. One, like everyone else, I have hormones. Two, it's a very awkward feeling, and that itself is awkward.

And your responses...

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