Torrential sunshine and scorching rains

The least we could do, especially when there's nothing left to do, is to observe, and observe extra carefully. Oddly it happens even if we have something to do. Or maybe it's because things have become a bit more predictable lately.

Predictable, meaning it falls on a certain template. Last week I did the same set of things (but only because nothing's really happening to my set of shows) and, most of the time, did things at exactly the same time for five straight days. The differences melt into obscurity, pretty much. The weather, half-irritatingly, has become evidently more schizophrenic. It'd be bright and sunny - too bright and sunny - when I head out for lunch an hour past noon. I'd return and the skies would start to get darker, and for my remaining hours inside the office - spent doing almost nothing, of course - the skies would grow darker, and darker, until it'd start to rain, and rain really hard.

Road visibility would be close to zero until halfway through the trip home. In the end, my umbrella is useless as I take that one last walk to our gate, the surroundings pretty dry.

For five days, it's gone that way. And the past weekend, too, when I was out and about doing errands or tailing along to wherever; it'd rain very strongly in the middle of Manila, and it'd be very dry when we get home. Somewhat annoying, because while rain is generally not a good thing, being prepared for something that won't happen is more so.

Today, it's been sunny, for the most part. Obviously, because I'm at home, at the strength of another holiday - the third this month - that never really works well for someone who's eternally bored, or much more conflicted. If I was at work, I'd probably see the same things materialize. Searing sun and unforgiving rain flirting with each other unsuccessfully.

And then Valerie says it's raining where she is.

"Rainy?" I said. "It's perfectly sunny a few kilometers south!"

"Then I looked out the window and saw the blue sky through the clouds," she answered back. "It's raining, all right."

I looked out my own window, and the skies got darker. It was barely lunchtime.

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