There's this one thing I forgot to tell both Krizzie and Carlo when they posted a comment to one of my (lately) rage-filled status messages on Facebook.

That status message, by the way, was about being the bad guy. I don't like the feeling. Given, I wrote that status message on a bad day, when almost everybody seemed to want to pin the blame on me for something. Perhaps I was annoying, but am I the only one who doesn't have the right to be annoying? Why is it that everyone else can get away with being annoying?

But that's beside the point. I hate being the bad guy. I hate it more when I didn't really do anything to make me the bad guy.

"If you know you aren't," Carlo said, "then you aren't."

Yeah, so that makes sense. But in these times, it's not what you think of yourself that matters the most. It's what others think of you. Never mind that all that you wanted to do was express yourself. Once one, two, three, four people think you're being annoying because you say too much, then it becomes an indictment on everything that you think is right.

And sure, we can't please everybody, but pleasing more people matters now, else you'll never be able to do anything at all, at least the way you hoped it would turn out. So, Krizzie, sure, it's not everybody, but I think we all learned this in college, that three people make a public, and that's enough to make a dent on something. I have four. And that's just the people I know.

Valerie once told me this thing, something like "these people don't matter" when I made a litany out of every person that I think have made me the bad guy for no particular reason. And there are a lot. Maybe it's just me and my inability to forgive people - I only have either frenemies or people that I envy - but being named an antagonist for no reason at all?

And your responses...

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