"No, you won't talk to me!"

This guy. This guy. I don't like this guy. I don't like the way he always butts into conversations, the way he presumes you don't know what you're talking about, as if you're talking about some strange concept, when ideally you should be talking about stuff that interests you, or something that you know about, more or less. I don't like the way he insults you with what he knows, because you don't need what he knows, because you know more than what he knows.

And it always seems that everything he does is to impress everyone. "Look," he might say, "I can do this! Are you amazed at me now? Do you like me now?" He gets something and he's part of the big league, never realizing how superficial things can be, that the ability to take photos with nifty lens won't make you cooler. Perhaps I should've told him that.

But this guy, I shouldn't be hating this guy. It's much like hating myself, and with a passion at that.

This guy, we are so similar. There's this eagerness in him. Misplaced eagerness, perhaps. He's enthusiastic about something, so enthusiastic, in fact, that it has a tendency to annoy anybody who doesn't give a damn about it. But you can tell that amidst his complaints about technology failing him and his constant flooding on Twitter that he's passionate towards this thing, something, anything, everything. He won't let go until he gets what he wants. And he's quite apologetic, too.

And to boot, we like the same things. There's jargon that we understand, and only we understand, and only a few of us understand, and when those conversations happen, people around us would give this weird look, accusing look, perhaps, one of simultaneous derision and wonder. "Why the heck are these guys here? Can't anyone kick them out? They do not fit!"

This guy. This guy. This guy, I don't like this guy, at all. And people around me like me, or so I choose to think, or so he probably chooses to think. And I'd like to think they have quirks, and I don't, and I'm tolerable, but we are just the same. But I don't like this guy.

And your responses...

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