"Why don't we talk?"

I used to only hear her name from, I don't know, somewhere. Everywhere. The name on the ballot - which I didn't have something to do with - became the name that's half-constantly passed around on the second floor, a standard of excellence of sorts. I think I only heard that bit from Les, much later. I can't remember.

Anyway, when I finally saw the person who owned that name, I was a bit intimidated. It didn't help that she was carrying this huge video camera, the type that you'd see news cameramen use. Professionals use it. That must mean something. As a communication arts student, getting your hands on that means something - that you know what you're doing, and that you deserve to be doing what you're doing. And then I saw the name, and looked at the rest of the identification card, and started to wonder whether what she's doing is really official business, or connections personified. I prefer the latter, but that's moot now.

"De La Salle Philippines. Ma. Kristina L. Syfu. Student intern."

Right, just what Les told me when I was still at work.

I had my own business, so I didn't really mind. It was, of course, the day I took a leave from work to, among other things, cover a campaign that I didn't have any stakes on. But apart from the slight familiarity (and the surreal feeling that comes with it), there was something in her that got stuck in my head for pretty much the next few months: the checkered shirt she was wearing.

I mean, Krizzie wasn't the first to do that, which makes this an odd circumstance indeed. Odd, because an association was created, one between checkered shirts and being, uhh, cosmopolitan? Is that it? It might be my insecurity goggles, but for some reason people who wear checkered tops - the ones that attract attention without being too screamy, although that happens too, and always coupled with either a pair of denim jeans or really short shorts - are people who seem to have fun with things. Maybe it's because I often see that sort in malls, with friends, wearing almost the same stuff.

Don't trust me on this one. I don't really know why. I just started wondering why so many people are wearing those tops that seem like plaid (with my limited knowledge of fashion honed by watching The Fashion Show) but not really. And then I started thinking all these things. This is not an easy way out - "your tweets tell me you think too much," Zet just said - and, well, it must be my insecurity goggles working again. While I get many things wrong, I get many things right, too. And while there are many things that's meant to make sense, some things just don't. I must be really hard on myself, deadpan bespectacled stares and all.

And your responses...

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