There's no such thing as a Twitter romance

As with many of my other blog entries, I know I shouldn't be writing this. Or, at the very least, I shouldn't be writing this here. Maybe elsewhere more secure, although we all know secrets no longer exist.

There was this girl. I didn't know how, or why, I was following her on Twitter, but then I realized that I had her email address and inadvertently followed her when I did an email search. She was a classmate of mine. You know how I somehow end up representing the class in things, when teachers ask for someone to do things for everyone. I never really intended to follow her because we didn't really know each other. I had closer friends in that class.

Well, fine, I stuck with it. I reply to her tweets and she replies to mine. She'd see my frustrated one-liners and she's answer. I'd see her frustrated one-liners and I'd answer. You know, friendly replies to tweets. All along, I tried very hard to remember her face, but I couldn't. I remember the name, though. I remember adding her up on YM back in class, because I thought I'd send them urgent messages through that. Could be because there were many people in that class, could be because she's from a lower batch, could be because something else was distracting me.

And then she didn't respond to my responses, and I didn't mind.

I mean, we don't really know each other, and there are things you do not expect others to do just because it happened before. I just saw her tweets, and she probably saw mine, and nothing happened. It went on for months. I didn't mind.

Today, that streak was broken. It's my fault. I can't really resist responding to a Glee-related tweet, partly because I do it for work, but mostly because it makes me look a little bit more cool. She said she was new to the show, and she decided to join in because everybody else around her was raving about it, the same way many of the people around me are, regardless of whether I introduced them or not. So I posted a response, telling her of the two-week break the show took in the United States, so she has enough time to watch all eight episodes before getting up to speed with the ninth. I got a direct message in response.

"Hey," she said. "So sorry that I can't follow you or reply to your tweets. My boyfriend gets jealous. So sorry! Hope you understand."

Well, I actually do, so I decided to send her a message back, saying that I do understand. But Twitter says I can't send her the message anymore. She has unfollowed me.

But at least she told me she's unfollowing me, unlike some of my friends. Supposedly my friends.

And your responses...

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