I dare my horoscope to prove that today is a good day for group activities

"So you aren't out yet? Ah, fine."

"Yep. Blogging."

"What, you are or you are not? I just got in an elevator..."

"I am still at the office. Leaving around seven."

"Oh. No chance, then. I shall wait. But not a la Cinema Paradiso. Di ko kaya yun."

"You going home na?"

"I leave at six. You leave at seven always? I can delay but I walk fast."

"I normally leave at, like, ten."

"Oh, right, right, your work. So you come early?"

"If you consider ten early."

"No, I don't. We will never cross paths, and I'm being bitterly selfish."

"What? Sorry."

"Nothing. Post-work daze. My apologies."


"So, birthday girl. 21. First as an employee. What now?"

"I'm hungry and I'm going to TriNoma."

"What exactly do you do anyway?"

"Writer. And I do lots of other stuff, hence the title 'slasher' here at Ideal Minds."

"Ah, Ideal Minds. Ooh. Wala nang comment."


"Wala lang. Ishcomplicated."

"Tell me."

"I just feel stuck. Worst reason. People. Can't get alone. Won't act like I exist. Person, actually. Told you it's complicated."

"What does it have to do with where I work?"

"Nah. I just have comparisons. Everybody else is, uh, happy, ish."

"Why don't you look for another job?"

"Ah, that's where the stuck part comes in. Switch topics."

"You can choose to not be stuck. You're a good writer. Don't limit yourself."

"I won't ruin your birthday."

At this point, the message stream trails off. She sends another message before I send that message.

"Sorry. I realize that was fucking preachy."

I answered that one.

"That's why I'm avoiding the topic. Everybody is preaching but nobody gets it."

Her response to the previous thread just came in.

"You aren't, but ayun. Don't be afraid to take a risk."

I decided to wait for a response to the second thread. But it was half past seven, and she's probably in a train, or probably in a restaurant, being, uh, happy, ish. It's her birthday, after all.

And your responses...

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