Smoother then, yes?

Two phone-related bits came on the mail yesterday. The first was my bill, which apparently ballooned 300% (do I have my math right?) after all of the text messages I sent when I was in Singapore. That'd be a thousand bucks for a month's use. The second was a new SIM card.

That, honestly, was unexpected. I obviously still have a working SIM card, and the only time they've been replaced was when my phone got stolen. But I've been using this particular number for, I'm guessing, five years already. It's a corporate account, which is why I've been paying half my supposed phone bill for the past few months or so. Loyalty privileges, they say. So I figured, the new SIM card is a loyalty privilege, although the letter accompanying it was suggesting it was a necessary upgrade.

Perhaps. 780 contacts? More messages than ever? Cool, I would say, but I've been using phone memory for both my contacts and my messages. Whatever's left on my current SIM card is a remnant of whatever happened, let me check, two years ago. But I'm a sentimental git, the sort who gets extremely amazed at how much things change in a short time, and upon seeing the messages that I've forgotten about, I'm a little smitten at how far we've gone. Or, better yet, how much better those days were.

"And earlier you said she was irrelevant?" Issa asked. I think we were talking about Sarah back then. "Riiight, dude." 5 February 2007.

"Oh well," Katia said. "You should know you'd miss those after college days." But I've never been to University Night and I never missed them. 18 February 2007.

"Hey guys, sorry to bug you," Ana asked, "but are any of you still in school? I just finished this seminar in La Salle and I still have a few hours before I get picked up." We didn't meet. We never met. 23 February 2007.

"Are you in school na?" Nadia asked. "Can you please meet me in South Gate to help carry the carpet?" I think it's for some Student Council thing. Our college's silver anniversary, I think. A red carpet. "It's huge." 26 February 2007.

"Ako nga yun!" Kor said, the day I saw her on a bus. On the television. In a movie. As Bridgitte in Cedie. "Anong channel?" 4 April 2007.

"Nakatulong ba ako?" Kim asked, about what, I can't really remember. "Yehey! Nakatulong ako! No problem. Ako nga, lagi kitang ginugulo, eh." 10 April 2007.

"I actually envy you for trying out," Ariane said. "I've been wanting to do that this summer pero I'm just either busy or confused." The text message was too long and it's been cut, but she was referring to the day I (regrettably now) became friends with the shiny happy DJ. 29 April 2007.

"My god! So you were listening the whole time?" Jem asked. I wasn't, because I didn't know she was on that day. "Or you just heard me with Christi? About your request... can't anymore 'coz I just got out of the booth. On my way to Mini Stop." 19 May 2007.

"I read it," Chex said. "I just wanted to make sure. Gosh, you're tall! I'm five-seven." I never honestly noticed. 21 May 2007.

"I hope the shirt fits you!" It was a Superman shirt, and it was Kimmy wishing me well. Direct address programs for television production class. 2 June 2007.

"It doesn't matter," Jan said. "At least we got it right." I did get it right. "Spurs win!" 15 June 2007.

"I saw the posters," Reena said. "Nice." They were environmental advocacy posters, I think. "San ko to pi-print?" 21 June 2007.

"But we don't have to bring the actual set yet though, right?" Misha asked. "I mean they are just proposals and stuff?" Yes, Misha, for we've yet to discuss the set for that talk show. 26 June 2007.

"I want balloons all over the floor," Kimmy eventually said. "At least ten." 28 June 2007. It worked.

I'm writing them down because, maybe tomorrow, definitely within the month, I'll take that new SIM and activate it. Everything in my current SIM will be inaccessible, simply because it would cease to work. And I told you, I'm a sentimental git. But something about these old messages make me giddy, unlike the messages I have right now, where conversations about the usual stuff merely invoke frayed nerves.

I don't have anything else to do with that new card, but the letter states I can avail of a full day of unlimited calls to any other phone within my network. Useless, because I don't call anyone, nor I have a reason to call anyone anymore. Wait a minute. That number's in the same network as I am...

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