The big thank you

I almost forgot to do this, to be honest. Then again, I'm a sucker for tradition, and like the past three years, I'm doing it again: a blog entry chronicling my Christmas group message, sent to a handful of people, and their responses to me, which are usually either a group message, a personalized reply, or the most annoying of answers, "who's this?"

The only difference this time? I'm much more cynical. Happy holidays! No dedications, no extras. Just think that you getting this from me says a lot. I figured I'll only send the message to people who absolutely mattered over the past year - you know, the people who didn't spend their lives annoying me by pretending I don't exist. I would go "you matter this year" but that's cheesy. So, no, she's not on this list like last time. Although that is, of course, a totally different story altogether.

Well, I added a handful of people who I haven't heard from in ages, too. Life will, obviously, get in the way. The message was written in my head in the middle of last-minute shopping last night, and sent to (only!) 59 people first thing in the morning. The results are, well, what I honestly expected.

From Carmel Puertollano: Who's this? I think she just woke up. No punctuation, even. First one, first strike, not good.

From Drea Dizon: Haha. Merry Christmas, Niko!

From Redg de Vera: Hey! Sorry, I changed phones. Who's this, please? To his credit, there's a sad emoticon on the message, which I won't obviously put here.

From Redg de Vera, a few minutes later: Hey, Niko! Sorry, changed phones, eh... hehe! Happy holidays!

From Sars San Juan: Merry christmas. Dad and I go to hospital. Update kita. Doesn't really sound good, so I wish whoever needs to get well actually gets well.

From Valerie del Castillo: Good morning and the sincerest thanks! Happy holidays to you and your family! See ya next year. I'm excited about next year. I just feel like it's gonna be great for all of us. Group message? Doesn't really read like it.

From Valerie del Castillo, minutes later: By the way, where's that Allison review? I'm writing it after this, miss.

From Monica Escalona: Sorry! Who's this? Not again...

From Jill Cruz: Thanks, Niko! Merry Christmas.

From Mae Ong: Hey Niko! Merry Christmas! Long time! Yep, long time... nine months?

From Christina Kee: Thanks, lolo! Merry Christmas to you and your family! God bless!

From Anna Abola: Happy holidaaaays! Have a blessed Christmas!

From Ning Hilario: Thanks, Niko. By the way, it's her birthday today, too, so she got an extra message after everybody else got theirs.

From Kimmy de Leon: Who's this? Happy holidays to you, too! Four before lunch? Not a good sign. Ironically, we often talk on Twitter! What, is that website the new standard?

From Kimmy de Leon, a few minutes later: Niko? Yes, Niko. And then I realize she knows more than one. I'm the annoying Niko, by the way.

From Kimmy de Leon, a few more minutes later: Oh! Sorry, Niko! I shall save this number. Merry Christmas!

From Adette Razon: And cheesy is definitely not you. Happy holidays, Niko!

From Arlene Amante: Thanks, Niko! What's with the thank you messages? Just last year I always get my greeting back. I guess everyone's just being austere - carolers late in the game, no decorations in every home, ours included...

From Jennifer Ngo: Who's this? Lost all my contacts, eh.

From Rochelle Chioa: Merry Christmas, Nico!

From Rochelle Chioa, shortly after: Niko pala. Sorry. Haha. Cough and cold is messing up with my brain. So drowsy... Well, at least you know me. Or at least still have my number.

From Jennifer Ngo, a few minutes later: Thanks!

And that's where the cut-off ends. That's 15 out of 59 - still not a good ratio, but I guess I'm being too demanding. Besides, this year is, like the last, a little different. Most of the people I would be sending messages to have left the country - so, to Jackie, Jason, Lau, Marcia and Nicole, here's a bit of home: maligayang Pasko sa inyo! And to the rest of you, those who I forgot (admittedly) or have yet to send their group messages against network traffic or decided to treat me with utter indifference, well, you know what I'm going to say. Happy holidays, and here's to the next decade!

Now, if I can only stop thinking about television. The Seattle folks specifically said so.

And your responses...

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