Me saying that this decade saw a hell lot of change would be an exaggeration.

Because, by nature, it will being a hell lot of change. Eight years ago, I graduated from elementary school, entered high school, and moved after seeing the worst of human nature. Four years ago I graduated from high school, entered college, and stayed after convincing myself that this is just me going through the motions of life in a years-long delay. Last year I graduated from college, entered the workforce, and... let's just leave it at that. My point is, this decade has been home to lots of change because that's what's written on the road map. That, and ten years is a really long time.

And then there's the fact that there's this odd debate on when exactly does the new decade begin. 2010? Commonly-accepted knowledge, also factoring in the fact that we all celebrated the dawn of the new millennium in 2000, or as some believe, a whole year early.

Looking back on the past ten years, however, was, to say the least, quite exhilarating. Ten years ago I was this fairly fat boy, fairly popular and fairly confident. I'll stop there, because I've since learned (but refused to acknowledge, except in intermittent streaks of reciprocity) that nobody wants to read about man's descent towards cynicism, which I certainly took over the past decade. You can say it's part of the road map. I can't stay idealistic, after all.

Maybe that's a snag in a decade where we'll all supposed to change, and perhaps more importantly, solidify our beliefs for perusal over the remainder of our lives. The teen years, oh! (Bad attempt at romanticism, that one.) The years when we dealt with both our hormones and the way we coordinated that and our external functions. You can't go on overdrive, and you can't stay silent, else you'll end up banged all over the room and bleeding. It's us looking for acceptance, and trying new things, and perhaps more often than not, failing. Thinking of that, the decade's obviously a heavy one.

That, or I haven't seen anything worth revisiting over the past year, a year of disconnection and discombobulation. Friends go, or forget you exist. New ones refuse the title, and proceed to have fun. Everything implodes. Easily forgotten is the fact that, in the first place, these things wouldn't have happened if nobody became your friend in your first place. Still, it's easier to throw invectives around. You have to. It's the new year. Noise to keep away the bad spirits, although they sometimes attract the bad vibes, too.

As for the next ten, well, I won't leave it all to luck. At least I'll try not to.

And your responses...

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