And it's lights out, bye-bye baby, no date

"I think... savior mo ako. O kaya... tulay. O kaya... way."

I honestly didn't understand what Piyar was prattling about. This was a few days after my blog entry about successful people, and since I mentioned her, it was pretty convenient to think that this was someone referring me to a job opening. Not a bad excuse, considering what she said after.

"May show ako ngayon. Dating game. Gusto mo?"

"Aalis ka na?"

Of course, I was wrong.

"Send me the details and I'll consider."

But I didn't really realize that I was wrong - or, better yet, something was wrong - until I felt things were happening too fast. And then there's this life lesson I should've picked up eons ago: it's a dog-eat-dog world out there.

"Hanap ka sa YouTube ng videos ng 'take me out'."

Not really helpful. I knew that the first thing I'll see is a video for Franz Ferdinand's breakout single.

She gave me a link.

She wasn't kidding. Or I missed a very important detail: she's talking about a dating show. If I caught that I would've understood what she was prattling about, but instead I remember staring at the video with this surprised look on my face. So this was Take Me Out. Some dating show that aired in the UK, which I haven't heard before despite me being a British media geek of sorts, perhaps because it's a television show on ITV.

"Dating show?"

"Yup. Medyo. Pero fun."

Medyo, meaning it isn't exactly a dating show, in the tradition of Edu Manzano's Love Bytes, with a searcher, three searchees, and an electronic computer whatever it is. More of a reality show, as I realized just now.

"What about this?"


"Ako? So you're going to pimp me out? Chosko."

"Eh di ba matagal ka nang naghahanap?"

Well, yeah, kinda. Reading through the show's premise, I knew I'd make a fool of myself more than whoever else actually has the guts to join what seems to be a local version of this show. Take Me Out is a daring new dating show designed to put the powers of female intuition to the ultimate test. Daring, meaning, each week eligible bachelors are lowered onto the stage. Each girl stands behind a podium with a light on. If she doesn't like what she sees, she presses her buzzer and it's lights out, bye-bye baby, no date. Pretty much like a dating reality show with a survival element to it.

"Medyo hindi ako naghahanap lately. Nawalan na ako ng confidence sa sarili. So no?"

"Awwww. Sayang."

"Malabo ang aking dynamic. Kung makahanap ako, at nakahanap ako, hindi ko magagawa ang second step. Sayang lang oras mo."

Looking back, that wasn't the best way of turning back a girl's... I think I should not call this an advance. Invitation? Still, judging from this exchange alone, I will fail.

And your responses...

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