And so on, and so bleeping forth

He stood up from his chair, lingered a minute, and left. He walked. He walked. He walked to the reception desk. He went to the computer, searched for his name, and typed his password. Once, twice, thrice.

He took his eyes off the monitor, and prepared to leave.

Before he got out of the reception desk, she came by. Their eyes met. Greetings were presumably exchanged. He went closer to the door, but stopped to ask her something. She smiled. She smiled this really big smile. Her entire face lit up. You don't see that often.

She said something, he presumably said something, and they left together.

I was fifteen feet away, on my desk, watching all of that unfold. I wasted a good thirty seconds watching them.

In my defense, I was deep in thought. I was finishing my last article for the day. I was in the middle of a sentence, finishing my thought, when I stared into empty space, or what used to be empty space. At the same time, I was typing whatever occurred to me. "And so on, and so fucking..." no, wait. Get a hold of yourself. Backspace, backspace, backspace. "And so on, and so forth."

And your responses...

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