Common interests

For most of the series, Sun-Hwa Kwon was seen as the stereotypical submissive wife. Coming from an Korean background, the heir to a huge business empire, sometimes you can't help but just follow what's expected of you.

But calling her submissive is a huge injustice. She defied her father's wishes by marrying someone outside of their circles. When the marriage didn't work, she secretly learned English, planning to escape him - but love would prevail. After Oceanic 815 crashed on the Island, she grew to become a strong-willed woman with a heart, despite initial struggles with her past, her husband Jin, and the supposed language barrier. She may do anything to get what she wants, but only to a certain extent.

The opposite can be said of Charles Widmore. An inhabitant of the Island, he went up the ranks to become a leader of the Others, or as it was then called, the Others. He showed an understanding of the intricate nature of the Island, the balance of power between the mysterious forces that watch over it, which made his rise to prominence easy.

But he had lapses in later years: he had a child with an outsider, and butted heads with the new leadership, reasons for him to be sent to exile. Having reestablished himself in London, he built a massive business empire and vowed to return to the Island - with his understanding of its mystical properties - and claim it for himself, stopping at nothing to get his way.

There isn't much that connects Sun to Widmore, but them meeting was pretty inevitable. Business deals are made across the world, and two powerful people would network for business interests. But their connection didn't have anything to do with business: it was all about the Island.

Sun is part of the Oceanic Six, survivors of the crash that were rescued after months of being marooned on the Island. The escape came at a price, though: her husband was killed in an explosion aboard the Kahana, a freighter that they initially thought was there to rescue them. It's been long established that the freighter was sent by Widmore, as part of his plan to take over the Island. But Benjamin Linus, the last leader of the Others - and the person who kicked Widmore off the Island, establishing a fierce rivalry between them - asserted that Widmore was there to harm them. He would kill anyone to claim the Island, he claimed. To an extent, both parties were right, but the chaos it caused led to confusion among the Oceanic crash's remaining survivors.

Since the rescue, Sun has taken an important position in her father's company, and used it to avenge her husband's death. Thus, the chance meeting in London with Widmore, in which she proposed a deal.

"Are you really going to pretend that you don't know who I am?" she said, colder than we first met her.

"I'm afraid I don't know what you're talking about, Ms. Kwon," he answered.

"Yes, you do know, Mr. Widmore," she said. "Just like you know we've been lying all this time about where we were and what happened to us there."

The rescue of the Oceanic Six came with an elaborate back story, masking the presence of the Island in an attempt to protect it and its inhabitants, some of which include other survivors of Oceanic 815.

"You and I have common interests," she continued. "When you're ready to discuss them, call me. As you know, we're not the only ones who left the Island."

The explosion on the Kahana was because of the discovery of a stash of explosives on board. One of the expedition's members, Martin Keamy, set it to detonate when he - as the leader of the mercenary group sent to extract Ben - was killed. He was, indeed, killed by Ben, in retaliation for the death of his adopted daughter, Alexandra Rousseau. Despite every effort to prevent the detonation, the bomb went off, killing everybody on board, except for one person.

It can be said that his reasons for killing Keamy are valid, but the same can't be said for Ben's intentions. As the leader of the Others, he preyed on the survivors, threatening their lives by kidnapping them, and later manipulating them to do his bidding. He did these deeds also in understanding of the mystical forces on the Island, although it was later revealed that his beliefs were a little misplaced, so to speak. Regardless of his intentions, though, the survivors have seen him as an antagonist, and have learned not to trust him.

Sun returned to Los Angeles but was held by airline security before boarding her flight. Widmore wanted to see her, piqued by her proposal, but unhappy with the way she came up to him with it. "You showed me no respect," he said.

"You mentioned that you and I had common interests," he continued. "Why don't you tell me exactly what they might be?"

Sun paused for a moment, but answered nonchalantly: "To kill Benjamin Linus."

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