Wishing for an audience, attempt number nine hundred sixty-six

Oddly, Gwen and I started talking about blogging.

I try to avoid any talk about blogging, because I'm very aware that I'll end up talking about this blog. And if it's my blog, I end up boasting about it. Anything I talk about ends up in me boasting about something, and people don't like boastful people, the same way people, or at least most of them, don't like me.

I don't even remember how it came to be. We were talking about nothing, really. Computer issues and music amount to "nothing" nowadays.

She just mentioned that she's having a hard time committing to a blog. "I've had this for one, two years," she said.

"I've had mine for five," I said.

See? Boastful.

I said this before: I did not have this blog for five years. I've had this for eight. I created this page in 2002, supposedly as a complement to some silly website project. That didn't happen. This became a star after three years of forgetting this even exists.

Okay, so this seems weird... I'm back blogging after not updating this thing for three years or something! Wasn't it long?

So I'm back, because Robyn is silently persuading me to create my blog, not realizing that I already have one. Hehe...

So expect me to check back often, as I graduate. I really have to go. Sorry!

I wrote that in an Internet café. I obviously don't write long back then. Unlike now, when I have more emotional baggage. Ironically, I can't really unload that. Excess baggage fees. Stupid metaphor.

Yep, I'm writing this from out of nowhere.

I'm actually writing this on Friday, in the office. Thanks to recent developments, I can set this to publish tomorrow, exactly five years to the minute my first blog entry was posted. I could write this tomorrow, but my sister's got the PC locked up for herself. Her thesis requirements.

I told Gwen that I plan to stick with this blog for as long as I live. That, of course, is not sensible. I'm busy now. I have work. I have things to do. My archives area will be longer than the entries themselves. I won't have anything to write about, because my commitment to this thing will put a dent on my social life. I don't think I'd be able to write anything sensible when I hit 70 years old - still single, still longing, still whining. I don't think anybody will be reading, too.

Ahh, imagine the time when a blogging elderly is a common thing.

So, five years. I've written about the same things. I've mostly complained about the same things. It's supposed to document my college life, and now it's documenting my work life, which is technically something you shouldn't be writing about. You sign contracts upon employment for a reason.

I'm getting tired of the things I write. I'm still whining about rejection. I guess I'll still do so as long as I'm being rejected. But you can't write about rejection for five straight years and expect things to change.

Maybe I do need a life. Right? Get out more, talk to people... and maybe write about it later. Ahh, stupid commitments. I'm not the sort who just lets go of something, especially if it's something as well-entrenched as this. Especially if it's the only way someone will listen, then hell no, I will not let go.

I'm 70 years old and nobody is still willing to listen to me? Now that's just sad.

And your responses...

Don't worry we can talk about 'nothing' nowadays. Haha. Btw, have you listened to the link I sent you?

Anonymous Anonymous3/06/2010     

Why didn't you venture into journalism again?

The thumbnails of CAM105 people on the right brings nostalgia all over uhgain!

Anonymous aSia3/08/2010     

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