It was thirty-two minutes past nine. I finished reading my magazine. I'm not sleepy yet. I remembered I had to say something to someone, something I forgot to mention when we talked earlier in the day. I picked up my phone.

"I forgot to tell you something earlier. Have you considered buying a new jacket?"

"Why would you ask me about that?"

"I don't know. Just thought that jacket looks tattered on you."

The weather's been bipolar lately. The news was talking about a record high temperature this afternoon, the same afternoon we were talking in the coffee shop, sipping frappuccinos. We called it a day and it began to rain. I had a jacket. She had hers, too. It looks, well, tattered.

So you can say it's a random thought. I always have these random thoughts, and lately they find their way to her. "I don't like this campaign jingle. Do you?" That'd happen some nights, with me lying on the bed, waiting to fall sleepy, but not too sleepy.

I put my phone to silent. I stare at the ceiling. I wait for my phone to vibrate.

It's much like when I was in high school. There was this girl who I talked to a lot. We'd talk about nothing every night, or most nights, provided I have some credit on my phone, or she does. The best messages, I save on my phone. Yes, it's quite obvious I liked her.

I remember those nights when I'd stare at the ceiling, waiting for one last message from that girl. "I'll go to sleep," I'd text. "Goodnight!" I'd wait for her to reply. I'd wait for her to say "goodnight" back. She would say "goodnight" back.


Smiley face.

"Why would you notice my jacket?"

"Duh, I'm observant. Or so I'd like to think."

It was forty-five minutes past nine. I feel sleepy already. I'm waiting for her to respond. I stare at the ceiling again, thinking of what I'd say, or how I'd say it. "I'll go to sleep." Doesn't work. "I'm sleepy." Doesn't work either. The only thing that I'm certainly saying is "goodnight".

It was fifty-five minutes past nine. Nothing. I set my alarm for the following morning. I turn on my phone's sounds. I turn my phone off. I turn the lights off. I close my eyes. I wonder, if these conversations actually mean anything to anyone, it should probably go somewhere, and it certainly felt that way. "Will you be ever worth it?" I thought.

I open my eyes. I needed to get that off my system.

And your responses...

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