Complicate everything

I was at the neighborhood store yesterday when I saw two dogs, uhh, getting it on.

Yes, I'm writing about two dogs getting it on. I'm very much aware that this will make me look like a very sick person, especially considering that I've written about the very same subject more than a year ago. But, in my defense, this is a result of stuff I've seen and heard in the past few days.

Anyway, the dogs. While I was waiting for the vendor to get me that bottle of cola, I was looking at the two dogs do the deed. Note, this is in the middle of the day, pretty much the only time we get to see dogs do the deed. Male dog mounts himself behind female dog (I would've used "bitch" but I don't know what the male equivalent is) and starts humping. Humping furiously.

And then the female dog wrests herself away from the male dog. In your mind, you think the dog's saying, "I don't wanna fuck! Stay away!"

In theory, that should be enough to repel the dog, right? I mean, that's what we humans do, unless the guy's such a sex-starved pervert.

It didn't repel the dog. After five seconds of running and sniffing around, the male was behind the female again, frivolously humping. And all throughout, there was no other expression in both dogs' faces. The male was just humping. The female was just taking it.

And to think I just presumed she was saying, "I don't wanna fuck! Stay away!"

The female wrests herself away from the male. Five more seconds of running and sniffing around, and you know what happens next. By then, I got the thing I was buying, and I was walking back home, feeling a little weird because I was observing the two dogs getting it on. Or do we still call it getting it on? I mean, he just gets there and does it, and she just stands there and lets him do it, until she goes away. It's a cycle, broken when the two dogs finally decide to chase each other up another street.

Still, I was a voyeur watching dogs having sex, a moment that's supposedly private. You know, like us humans see it.

I was listening to WireTap a few days ago. Jonathan Goldstein was talking about love, and how we people use that term for anything that resembles a good feeling towards something, or, as we all expect, someone. He pretty much summed up the very things I was thinking about all these years. You know that age-old dilemma. Do you really call it love? Because I can be fond towards someone, infatuated towards someone else and just desperate for a conversation with some bitch in a street. You know the feeling after every time you tell yourself that you're over the person, and you start reassessing what just happen, and you wonder whether it was really love, like you described it just weeks ago, when you were both head over heels, and feeling terrible that something you've known long ago - she has a boyfriend, or she won't have one! - is just starting to creep up on you.

You know, the complete opposite of dogs, who start sniffing each other out and then, a minute later, one's humping the other. None of the rituals. No long criteria, no waiting for marriage, no worrying about satisfaction. Just hit-and-miss procreation, just like we're all supposed to be, all those years ago.

And no, I'm not suggesting all I'm here for is sex. But you know what I mean. Or, you'll end up proving my point.

We humans complicate everything.

See? Point proven.

My mother was flicking through the television early this morning. Seabiscuit was on one channel. Watching a race from the 1930s recreated for the big screen, or what eventually is the small screen, she wondered, "simple siguro yung buhay noong araw, ano?"

And your responses...

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