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"Niko! Lunch?"

"Yes, fucking please, yes."

Clarence couldn't have come in at a better time. I was having a bad day yesterday. (Then again, when didn't I have a bad day?) Ironic, because I was just writing about the Glee season finale, which should be a high point of my week. I was annoyed that technology is getting in the way again, and more so because I was forced back to my original desk, beside the fuckwits. Watching them laugh at Facebook games while I type is understandably crappy, and for me, exaggeratedly so.

Thinking that they're actually planning this stupid team-building lunch makes my blood boil even more.

"Anong silbi ng team-building kung walang team na i-bi-build?" I told her as we walked to the mall, going to my usual tirade about those fuckwits not giving a damn about my existence unless they need the numbers, which is rarely. I don't really wanna explain it right now. I just cried over it this morning.

Still, we both figured I needed to get out of the office and have some fresh air. Conversation works fine, too. We settled down, talked about things, some of which I've already forgotten about. But I'm sure I explained to her the rules of the new So You Think You Can Dance season, and maybe squeed a bit about certain people. To be exact, celebrities, in case you'll misinterpret me.

"Oo nga," I told Clarence. "Inisip ko kanina, 'isasama kaya ni Clarence si Mara?' Eh wala namang binanggit sakin, so I thought, hindi siguro. Hindi nga."

"Ayaw daw niyang maglakad," she explained, adding that she's checking out a condominium somewhere in the Ortigas area that same day.

"Mas malayo naman yung lalakarin niya nun," I answered.

I find it a little interesting that Clarence and I have been talking a little bit about Mara lately. Well, they're colleagues. No surprise there. But they didn't really know each other when we were all still in college. And, if I'm to mention Mara in a conversation, I'd probably be talking to Les or Mon.

"I'll tell her that on Facebook," I said.

I passed by her Facebook profile a few days ago. For some reason, the website thought it should reconnect the two of us. Her face was on my profile for five days or so, on the friends part of the page.

I didn't tell that to Clarence, though. After checking the record store if the third Glee CD is already in stock - the search was unsuccessful - we walked back to her office, talking about how men will be objectified in the future when women start categorizing them by how large their penises are. Yes, I have crazy tangents. And yes, I shared that with a woman, which makes me an unattractive prospect. No surprise.

I got back to the office feeling reasonably better, although the fact that everything that annoy me is still there, well, annoyed me. My back started to hurt again. If only I could move desks on that basis alone, I would. But knowing I'm a blip everybody's profiting from, I doubt it.

I went home at six. There are two revolving doors at the fifth floor, leading to the MRT station. I walk fast, so I kinda overtook someone, slightly rudely, I think. I think the person looked at me, and I looked at the person, and while I got nothing I had this rush of memories from earlier that day.

"Di ba ParaƱaque siya?"

"Pasay. LRT, tapos MRT, tapos pedicab."

"Bakit ayaw mong maglakad, Mara?"

"Oh, hi!"

I think Facebook was really trying to do something. And destiny, more so. I found it amusing in an innocent way. And so we talked about her condo visit, and her not wanting to walk, although I swear I didn't understand half the conversation thanks to my earphones, which makes me an unattractive prospect. No surprise.

We waved goodbye, and I somehow couldn't resist the urge to grab her arm.

"No, not my fatty arm!"

"Kaysa naman yung un-fatty arm. You'll get strangled."

The following day - that'd be today - I finally found that Glee CD.

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