I could've asked her not to leave me, and I should've

"Tell me. Do I fail at flirting because I don't know when I do?"

"I'm really bad at flirting. You shouldn't ask me about that. Most of my guy friends think I'm a guy. Actually, I think at some point you did, too."

"I don't even know how to flirt. That, and girls flirting, err... iffy? Or am I stuck in a time warp?"

"I think I'm also stuck, if you're stuck."

"Why aren't we closer? See. Fail."

"Gosh. You just made me realize how shitty I am."

"But you're with someone. What makes you shitty if you have someone and I don't?"

"That's the worst part of it. I have someone. And I still don't know how to flirt."

"You don't have to, because you have someone! See? I'm a bigger failure. You snagged someone. I haven't. That's all that matters."

"But you have options of snagging more people. I'm... I don't know."

"Ability? Do I have the ability?"

"I still suck."

"I suck more. I fall for taken people. Or people afraid of commitments."

"I think everyone's afraid of commitment."

"Some more so than others, leaving the needy people lonelier."

"Shet. Di ko alam irereply ko... like I said before, a thousand times over, in the perfect time. I guess."

"I guess I'm just really, really lonely."

"Maybe it's time to start being happy!"

"No comment? Err, I actually think I can't be. Especially with... stuff. All the people I like. They're always saying no. Not necessarily like like, but the people I just like. Eventually they turn their backs, and that's why I'm afraid of making new friends now. One's now a self-righteous bitch, while the other's pretty much forgotten that I exist. And you? I might lose you sooner or later."

"Naaah. I'm usually the one that people left behind."

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