Brittany Pierce explains my heartbreak

"I totally forgot to return to YM after lunch. And now you're going."

Thirty seconds.

"Yes. In four minutes!"

"Three, actually! Boo. I would've not been as bored."

"3:56 pa lang dito. Hala, late ang company time."

"Actually, the company clocks here state you have two minutes left."

Two minutes.

"One minute and twenty seconds."

"What do we do with the time?"


"I can't whistle."

Thirty seconds.

"No need. Four o'clock na dito!"

"Oh, boo. Fine. Go."

"Pero hindi pa tumatayo yung teammates ko. Ayun. Lezzgeew."

"I can't go. I have two hours of teammateless living to do."

One minute.

"Oh. Good luck with that."


"Anyway. Toodles."


I'd rather not ruin this blog entry with a long introduction, so here's the thing in non-bulleted bullet points. Yes, Aly, this is a metaphor. I have a tendency to connect one thing with another thing that, at first glance, looks totally disparate. And I did end up thinking of Brittany's line in last night's episode of Glee somewhere during the conversation.

Heart attacks are just from loving too much.

All too true.

And your responses...

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