Communication breakdown?

How do you prevent your Christmas messages from sounding very cheesy? Insert some much-needed cynicism.

I'll be honest: 2010 didn't go that well, but it could've been worse.

Fine, that isn't exactly cynical. When I sent that message to 72 people - a surprisingly bigger number compared to last year's extravaganza - I realized that it sounds cheesier, because it pretty much celebrated the person on the other end. Yay, you! it went. So thanks for the company (and strings!) and here's to a better 2011. Happy holidays!

But the admission is still there: this year sucked, especially since this was the year when I told myself I'll get myself out of this rut and improve things. Or, did I tell that to myself, or did I cram that promise again? Damn you, complacency. But you can't really be cynical when the facts suggest that it could've been much worse. It could've been much worse. I'm really just glad for the company, even if it doesn't amount to much.

Thing is, at the end of the day, now that I'm seated here and writing my traditional Christmas eve what-did-people-reply blog entry, it didn't really amount to much. Sure, I didn't get a "who are you?" text message like I always did, but I guess people are just too busy... or the phone lines are already fudged at fifteen before eight in the morning.

From Carmel Puertollano: Niko! Di na kita nakakausap sa YM! Insert laughter, which I wouldn't write here, of course. Happy holidays to you.

From Carmel Puertollano again, after I explained that YM tends to crash my PC: Ako rin, di na nagwa-YM. Wala na akong laptop eh. Cue more laughter.

From Anna Abola: I haaate 2010. More laughter. Here's to a beautiful 2011! Merry christmas, Niko, followed by a smiley, which I also wouldn't write here.

From Anna Abola again, after I pointed out that there are two zeros this year: I know. She sent this twice, oddly.

From Samantha Pagkalinawan: 2010 passed by so fast... it wasn't as exciting as the past year, but I'm glad I survived. Now this is cheesy. On the flipside, I got her number right! She has three numbers listed on my phone and only one of them works, and I really had to guess which one it is. Hoping for a better and exciting 2011 for you, and for me, manedyer. Old biter references, yes. Happy holidays, Henrik! Wait, she called me Henrik?

From Drea Dizon: Bakit namaaaan?

From Drea Dizon, after I gave her a shortened variation of the explanation I posted early in this entry: Okay. 2011 will be better. Merry Christmas!

From Erik Lozano, who surprisingly replied: Cheers to a better 2011. Happy holidays! Or was this a generic message? I shouldn't complain. I sent a generic message myself.

From Joy Simpson: Happy holidays, Niko! Have a great time at Bangkok! Yes, I'm flying to Bangkok in a couple of days, and she's been helpful in telling me where to go, since I was, oddly, assigned to do the family's itinerary for a whole week. Wishing you a great 2011, with more opportunities and la-la-la-love.

From Jill Cruz: Happy new year, Niko!

From Kim Malicsi: Happy holidays, Niko! 2011, please don't be harsh. Cue sheepish laughter. God bless!

From Issa Arias, who finally made it to this entry: Happy holidays, Henrik.

From Krizzie Syfu: A lot of people say that 2010's been a bitch. Cue laughter. Right, you must laugh this year being a bitch off. But don't give up just yet! A few more days for 2010 to make up to ya! I'm sure she meant Bangkok, right? Happy holidays!

From Icka Alcantara: Happy holidays, Niko!

From Mae Ong, who barely made it: Hey Niko! Merry Christmas to you, too.

Twelve people. Twelve people! I'd complain at this point, but considering that at this point people have moved on and have become busy even on a holiday, well, I should understand. Or maybe they're preparing messages for tomorrow. Or maybe the phone lines have crashed this early on, like they seem to be over the past few weeks. But that's just me being cynical. I'll admit, my Christmas greeting is partly fueled by an unusual feeling of loneliness over the past couple of months or so.

Or maybe we're all going through that stage collectively? That reminds me of my conversation of sorts with Ning last night. Exact same points. I'll take Krizzie's advice to heart now, and proceed to pin all my hopes on Bangkok. Happy holidays, kids! There are two ones in 2011, remember.

That was cheesy, yes.

And your responses...

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